being a grown up.

Joey and I have tried to budget before and honestly we just aren't very good at it.  Well with Shep on the way I decided to give it another try and I've been very happy with how well we did.  I set us up a budget because I wanted to know exactly where our money was going, not wonder where it went, which was usually the case!  I also gave each of us $50 cash that we are allowed to use on whatever we want.  I wasn't sure if $50 would be too much or not enough, but I still haven't even broken mine!  I am less likely to use cash, but if I hadn't given myself that I know I would have already spent more than that on my debit card.  If you have questions about how I set up our budget, send me an email and I can give you more details.  It really wasn't too fancy!  

I think what helped us the most was planning out meals.  I came up with a menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner options for 2 weeks.  Then I listed every single thing needed to make each meal.  I tried to plan dinners that would leave leftovers we could have for lunch the next day.  I'm lucky because I get to come home for lunch pretty much every day, and Joey is lucky because he has recently been attending a lot of meetings that are catered!  That makes it easier to not spend money on lunch.  We've been trying out new recipes too!
Here is the Caprese salad Joey made for us last night:

Tomorrow I am probably going to attempt Shrimp Risotto.
What are your budgeting tips?


  1. Planning meals is a great way to save some money. I also use coupons and take advantage when meats are on sale. I tend to buy a few packages and freeze them. If you aren't big TV watchers, skip the cable and sign up for Netflix or Hulu instead.

  2. We just started budgeting too. I love it. It has been such a huge weight off of our shoulders knowing at all times how much money we have. We give ourselves $100/week (between the two of us)..that's for dates too. So if we know we have a date we want to go on, then no shopping sprees at Target allowed ;)

  3. sticking to a budget is hard :( i am trying to do the same! i love shopping at trader joe's because of the low prices, healthy food items, and delicious easy made items. also, that caprese looks DELICIOUS!

    1. I'm so excited, my town is supposed to be getting a Trader Joe's :)