a couple things about thursday.

The first thing you should know about today was that it was 69 degrees when I got off work.  In February.  In Kentucky.  I pretended it was Spring all day.

Remember how I said I am really messy and always spill food on myself.  Today I hit a new low, haha.

My resolution yesterday for today was to cook a delicious dinner.  I almost made it come true.  If my resolution had been for my husband to cook dinner ;)  We had shrimp risotto.

 and Parmesean knots found via Pinterest.

Before dinner I went and got my hair done.  Its darker but probably just barely.

Today I am 25 weeks + 1 day.


  1. You're the cutest pregnant person! I hope I still look as put together as you do when I get that far along! : )

  2. you are way too beautiful! i love your hair, and your bump!!! and your food looks delish!!! so cute!