a look back.

I was trying to remember if I had ever shared on my blog how I found out I was pregnant.  I thought I had but I couldn't find it.  Thats because I wrote it as a guest post for Joey's cousin Lacey (in the City)!  I wanted to share it again, here.  Keep in mind this was written during my first trimester.  My husband also wrote about it from his point of view.  Read on for my thoughts and my husbands thoughts on our first trimester with Shepherd:

Hers: On September 10th 2011, I was starting to suspect I was pregnant.  Now, I literally suspect I'm pregnant every single month so this wasn't too unusual.  My parents were coming to town for the weekend and while we were waiting on them to show up, I took one of the pregnancy tests I had stockpiled in our bathroom.  The "double line" was up for debate and we decided it was unreliable.  The next few hours were weird, not knowing if we were pregnant or not.  We were driving separate from my parents to lunch so on the way there we ran in Walmart to purchase a test that would say "Pregnant" or "Not pregnant."  After we got home from lunch I went to the bathroom, not telling Joey I was going to take the test.  It was surreal, those two minutes I was alone in the bathroom, knowing I was the only person in the world who knew I was pregnant.  It was like I had this special little secret all to myself. I had always imagined how I would tell Joey I was pregnant.  I pictured some romantic, memorable way, like Michelle Pfeiffer in The Story of Us.  Instead, I was literally out of my mind and mouthed "I'm pregnant" to him across the room so my parents wouldn't hear.  Smooth. I'm almost 15 weeks now, and I can honestly say I've never been happier in my life.  Joey and I have been together for seven years, but sharing this has brought us so much closer.  The biggest thing that has changed is that literally every breath I take is a prayer for this child.  I can't wait to find out if we are having a boy or a girl, I'm even excited to give birth (as long as I don't think about the specifics). I can't wait to see if it looks like me or Joey (although I'm sure it will look like my Indian husband, my blonde/pale combo doesn't stand a chance against those dark features). I'm so excited for this next stage in our life!  Thanks Lacey for letting us share =)

His: My wife and I like to think of ourselves as level headed people...most of the time. I mean sure I may pretend to think that vodka is waaay cooler than it actually is and she may have a short fuse when it comes to my singing voice but in general we try to keep it real. That cool, level headed couple flew out the window a few months ago on a sunny Saturday in September when we found out we were becoming cool, level headed parents!!!

Just like it's future parents, our little one had impeccable timing (we're always late). Jess and I were trying to figure out how to squeeze an extra $200ish from our monthly budget and were car shopping. You see, a week prior her Mazda tribute had given us the big FU and completely died...only $3500.00 to repair...hahahahahahahaha. So the morning we are to start looking for something new(er) Jess takes a pregnancy test. Of course, this was no ordinary pregnancy test it was some ridiculous Dollar Tree brand "U Pragnant??" I think was the name of it. Anyway, it was impossible to read yet just clear/unclear enough to make us think it was telling us we were with child. So we kinda put that in the back of our mind and headed out to find a car. Long story short Black RAV4, digital pregnancy test x 2, YOU'RE PREGNANT both times!! We're over the moon!

When Jess told me the great news I instantly felt like a 12 year old boy, "I'm not ready for this, I'm so excited/I'm so nervous/Am I ready for this...I'm almost 30/Eeeek!" No, I didn't really think the word "Eeeeek" but you get the picture. Then I remembered that I, in our wedding vows, had referenced the "monster" Jess would become when she is pregnant and started to worry. Now don't get me wrong, my little buttercup is pure bliss but she has her quirks...all of which I anticipate to be greatly exaggerated upon being impregnated. For instance, she self diagnoses. "Joey I read somewhere that you can develop a fish allergy at any moment" So now when we go on vacation or to Red Lobster, you better believe Mrs. Lawhorn has benedryl in her purse. We are 15 weeks in and so far...it's been pretty smooth sailing.

One little zinger of advice I will give future fathers...don't start a bathroom remodel during the first trimester...well during pregnancy for that matter...a pregnant wife waking up with morning sickness to a gutted bathroom with no toilet...not a good morning/day/week.



  1. I laughed at the "U Pragnant??" test. So funny. I've been enjoying the pregnancy updates. You and Joey are going to have the cutest baby! =)

  2. This is so sweet! Love that you mouthed to him across the room that you're pregnant! It's funny how we envision those types of things and then when it really plays out, we respond in such a different way :)
    Super excited for you two!

  3. I loved it then, and I love it now!!!