My Valentine

(This is my favorite picture of us, ever!  I think it was 2005 and I had just got back to Lexington after spending the summer in my hometown.  We went to Walmart to get tape for me to hang something up (why I needed it right then...???) but we were so excited to be together and you can tell in this picture.)

In the beginning:  
I met Joey for the first time when I was probably 15.  I was going to a Dixie Chicks concert with my friend, and he was going with her sister.  I didn't think anything about him, he seemed really old because he was in college.
I met Joey for the second time when I was probably 17.  I was a senior in high school and went with my friend Catherine to visit UK, where we were planning on going to school.  We stayed one night in a dorm during our visit, and it happened to be the dorm Joey lived in.  I remember hanging out with a bunch of people that night and I remember him being there but again, I didn't think a thing about him.  College students still seemed so old to me, even if I had noticed him I never would have thought I'd date someone so old, haha!
The next year Catherine and I were all moved in to Lexington and one night we went to the Baptist Student Union for a worship service.  After it was over I was talking to someone and I look over and Catherine is talking to Joey.  I don't know why, and I didn't realize it at the time, but I wanted him to notice me.  So I remember running over and playfully running into Catherine.  Wow, really smooth.  And then, he introduces himself to me!  Now, one of my number one types of people I don't like are people who act like they don't know you.  Maybe its because I literally remember every single person I've ever met and something about them, but don't act like you don't know someone!  Anyway, so he introduces himself to me, when I knew he knew who I was.  So in my head I was kind of like, "nevermind this guy thinks he's cool and he's really just rude!"  I think I called him out on that, and he said he was just joking of course he remembered me.  After this we all decided to go eat on campus.  I don't really remember eating, but when we were leaving Catherine and I said goodbye and had to walk the other way to our dorm.  I remember walking away from him and giggling with Catherine and hoping he wondered what was so funny! 
I honestly didn't think anymore about him after that, I still thought he was old.  But pretty soon after that night, Joey was talking to Catherine on AIM (haha) and told her he had a crush on her roommate.  Catherine asked me what I thought about it.  In high school I never dated anyone, I don't know why I was just never into boys.  When boys liked me I always felt conflicted because on one hand I didn't want to never date anyone and die alone (dramatic) but I just never was into anyone.  I always figured if I turned them down it wasn't meant to be.  So, really I am surprised I said ok when Cat asked me what I thought.  I don't know why I went against what I usually did, but I remember thinking it would be fun.  
After that we started dating and were together all the time.  I wish I could go back to that beginning when we were dating and everything was so new and exciting!  I was so incredibly happy and giddy and would literally run to meet him.  I loved him immediately.  He was so incredibly nervous around me and always asking me a million times if I was having fun/ok/needed anything.  It was so reassuring to have someone so obsessed with me!

Now he is my husband.  I have loved him since I was 18.  I still am surprised sometimes that he chose to be with me.   I am very lucky.  Especially since being pregnant, I've noticed I view life a little differently than some people.  I'm blessed to have a husband who is on the same page as me.  I'm blessed to have a husband who enjoys the same things I do.  I'm blessed to have a husband who thinks I'm really smart and always wants my opinion.  After 7 years, I still feel just as in love as I did in the beginning.  He still makes me excited.  Even if I'm not running across campus to meet him anymore, I still can't wait for him to get home in the afternoon!  I feel more in love now, because it means more.  We've shared so much, we've been through so much, we've grown as individuals and we've grown together.  When you meet someone at 18, or 22 for him, a lot can change.  And a lot has changed.  I'm not the same person I was then and he isn't either.  Thank God!  It amazes me that with so much change, one thing remains the same.  We both still just want each other.  As parents, I believe the best thing we can give our children is a healthy marriage.  What they see us do they will model in their own lives and in their own relationships.  Shepherd, I am already praying for your future marriage and your future wife.  How glad I am to have a husband who I know will be an amazing example of what a husband should be and what a daddy should be.  I know that is hard to find.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  Next year I'll have two Valentines!  Tell someone you love them today!

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