Valentines Day 2012

My morning started with my favorite flowers in pink.

After work I'm pretty sure I scared the life out of my husband by having a hormonal moment when I woke him up from his nap and told him he was never allowed to put his phone on silent again because I wanted him to go to the grocery with me and carry the bags in.  How does he put up with me?  He responded by telling me he would go to the grocery alone so I could take a long relaxing bath.  Sweetest most patient man in the world.
 He got the bath ready and had even planned ahead for this and got me new magazines to read.
 Then while I soaked in the tub, Joey made dinner.  Pesto salmon with Red Lobster biscuits and vegetables.
We got engaged 3 years ago on Valentines Day and like to always make chocolate covered dessert like we did the night we got engaged.  My desserts look like a child's:
 Joey's turned out a little better:
 For a gift Joey got me The Vow to read and a new pair of leggings, since they are the only thing I wear and I have outgrown my latest size!

I got Joey a gift too but I'll show pictures after its finished...

We ended the night sipping on warm apple cider and watching tv.

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday!

Hope you had a great day filled with L.O.V.E!


  1. aw your valentine's day looks amazing! i would love some of those chocolate covered treats right about now :)

  2. Sounds like such a lovely evening!:)

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that I changed my blog recently. I'd love to know what you think!


  3. Such a loving Hubby! Nearing the end of this pregnancy and I definitely feel like I'm getting a bit 'moodier'.
    Somehow my Husband deals with me so very well!
    Yes to baths and movie watching!
    ps what kind of leggings are you wearing? :) I can't find any that are comfortable over this belly...

  4. Matt and I were laying in bed after our Valentine's Day meal talking and I happened to be looking at blogs on my phone and ran across this all are the sweetest couple and Joey seems like the best husband! You all are going to be great parents :)