we won!

I am so.excited.
A few weeks ago I entered both Joey and I in a giveaway from the Lexington Opera House.  You may recall my love for all things Elvis.  Well the Opera House was giving away tickets to the show Elvis Lives. I love theatre and I've always wanted to see this show.  Well, today Joey calls me at work and tells me he won!!  AND to make it even better, we also get 2 nights free at the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis, and tickets to tour Graceland!  I can't believe it, I never win anything!  Except Joey pointed out that technically he won, which makes sense because he always has luck at stuff like this!  
We get to go to the show on Thursday night, so I'll let you know how it goes.  Not sure when we will be making our trip to Memphis. 

Isn't the Opera House pretty?  I think we are front row!

I hope we get the Burning Love suite at the Heartbreak Hotel:
Or maybe the Graceland suite:
Bahaha I am showing my true tacky colors aren't I??

Here I am on my last trip to Graceland:

TCB y'all!

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