What will my baby look like??

I found a website that let me upload a picture of me and a picture of my husband to see what our baby will look like.  Obviously I've spent way too much time doing this, haha.
Somehow I've never pictured me having a blonde pale son.  I think he'll look just like his daddy, tan and dark curly hair!  But we will see...

Our son:
 Or maybe he'll look like a little girl (they told me this was a boy...I'm not so sure!):
And the second website scares me a little...our son may be in trouble!! Eeek
 I tried some different pictures and the results weren't any better:

Good luck Shep! Bahhaha


  1. this made me laugh so hard! You're little man's gonna be such a stud :)

  2. please tell me that you saw this episode of modern family? SO great.

  3. Try the baby generator at whatwillmybabylooklikegenerator.com it uses a database pf images to match against and gets some fun/great results at times.