31 Weeks Thoughts

My husband came home today and had me listen to this song off the new Dave Barnes cd.   I just sat on the deck and cried. Dave Barnes has always been right on par with our relationship.  "Our song" is Until You and right when we were engaged he released a slow version that we were able to dance to at our wedding.  Now, he has this song about a new baby.  It is so sweet!   Can't wait to be a family of 3!
Here are the lyrics: 
Your mom and I, we're counting down
The days until that joyful sound,
When you turn the two of us to three.
It was time I guess, and heaven knew
And decided then to give us you.
God must know some things that we can't see.

And all we are, we are
Who we'll be, we'll be
Love and hurt, doubt and trust
Welcome to being one of us.

Your mother, well, she's strong and steady
Southern drawl and good lord, she's pretty
She's better than anything I dreamed
And honestly, I'm scared to death
I'll breathe at last at your first breath.
Everything you need, I'll try to be.

And all we are, we are
And who we'll be, we'll be
Love and hurt, doubt and trust
Welcome to being one of us.

As for you, we're soon to see
A room of blue or maybe pink
Mama's black or daddy's dirty blonde
Whoever you turn out to be
You're forever part of me
You turned me to a father from a son

All we are, you are
And who we'll be, you'll be
Love and hurt, doubt and trust
Welcome to being one of us
I love that he always mentions God in his songs.  I love when he says "welcome to being one of us." I can't articulate what that makes me feel.  Joey and I have been together for awhile and we've grown and changed together. This little boy is part me and part Joey and still part what I can't imagine.  I can't wait to see his little personality and watch him grow and learn.  

Tonight Joey and I made a "birth plan."  We wrote down what is important to us so that we don't forget during labor.  I can't wait to see Joey hold him for the first time!

Oh my gosh, I had an experience last night.  I went to a Le Leche League meeting for the first time.  I am a huge supporter of breast feeding and want to breast feed Shepherd for a year.  I know it is not always easy so I've been trying to educate myself as much as possible.  Le Leche was not exactly what I was expecting.  First of all there are a few things I do not do, and one of them is take my shoes off in public.  Oh my gosh, it is a struggle to bend over and get my shoes on period why would I take them off??  Also, they are all sitting on the floor on these pillows.  I am 8 months pregnant, if I sat down on the floor it would not be fun trying to get back up.  But all of these hippie women come in and take their shoes off, sit in their circle and start breast feeding.  I was just definitely the odd ball out, with my dress, boots and the only one sitting in a chair.  Which trust me, was fine.  So all of the women were very nice, but I just felt very out of place.  And seeing someone breast feed a 4 year old is just not the direction I'm going.  But, I'm glad I went, its good for me to have new experiences!

Remember that I've said my craving has been sweets?  I swear I was never a sweets person and I have always hated plain chocolate.  Monday I was at the grocery and I actually placed an entire bottle of Hershey's syrup in my cart.  Who am I?  I can't help it that I've convinced myself the only way to watch The Bachelor is with a homemade cookie monster and I thought it needed some extra chocolate.  However, I did not purchase it.  After looking at the ingredients and seeing high fructose corn syrup as #1, I decided to fight my craving!

Sleeping has become insane.  After I get in my nightly cry to Joey (who knows? Hormones...) I have my gigantic maternity pillow, plus 3 other ones.  I feel like a turtle on my back it is so hard to move around these days.  I'm driving Joey crazy but have warned him against ever complaining about me or joking that I am being exiled to the guest room.  Not funny!

Kentucky has had some crazy weather (tornados one day, blizzard the next, 80 this week).  For the past few months literally all I've worn is leggings and boots.  That is not going to work in 80 degrees heat.  Nothing in my closet fits me.  I'm not exaggerating.  But when I get off work all I want to do is come home and relax so I haven't been shopping.  I have a shower this weekend so I'll have to find something before then.  Today I also thanked God this baby will be here in May and I don't have to go through the summer sweating to death and uncomfortable!  I think I'll plan all of our kids around the summer ;)

I'm 31 weeks now.  According to my pregnancy app Shepherd is about 18 inches long and weighs almost 4 lbs!  They compare him to a head of lettuce.  Really?  Where do they come up with this stuff?
I've been feeling him move around every day.  It is the best part of the day when I see a little nudge or feel a little kick!  However he is a little stinker who stops moving anytime I try to get Joey to see!

I don't know where he is going to go the more he grows.  I feel like my stomach is so stretched out already.  All of my organs are pushed around and it is the weirdest feeling!

Have you all heard Jay-Z's song Glory about his daughter? (By the way I always wanted to name our daughter Blue, but Joey would never agree so we named our dog that!)
  I thought this lyric was so sweet about Beyonce:
"A younger, smarter, faster me
So I pinch of Hov, a whole glass of B"
I love Jay-Z.

Here I am at 30 weeks + 3 days:


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  1. Gosh, what an incredible journey pregnancy is!!! It's a roller coaster of so many emotions and changes and ups and downs...
    Clothes... Oy, I stare at my closet all the time and think... "Maybe someday I'll get to wear all you pretties again."
    No joke, I rotate through the same two pairs of pants and five shirts each week, with one being the Hubs. I do my best to switch it all up with the cardigans that I own and different scarves.

    Shepherd is gonna be one blessed little boy having you two as parents! And just think, in not too long, you'll be kissing his little cheeks and holding him so closely in your arms!!!

    You're doing great!!