33 Weeks (+2 days)

At 33 weeks, Shepherd is moving around so much.  Today I don't think he rested all day!  At the ultrasound last week he was reaching down and playing with his toes.  I think he was doing that today, too.

Sleep changes day to day.  Some nights I sleep pretty well, other nights I toss and turn!

As of Monday, Shepherd weighs 5 lbs.  I'm sure he weighs a little more by now.  The doctor said his spine is laying on my left side, so I can tell my belly is a little lopsided.

Hmm...crazy symptoms/side effects of pregnancy.  Well, if I stand up for more than about 5 minutes my right leg falls asleep.  The doctor said he is just sitting on a nerve.  My feet, hands and ankles are super swollen.  If I have to stand up for awhile my feet and legs ache sooo bad.  My belly button has not popped out, but I think it might before too long.

One of my least favorite things is trying to bend over and pick something up.  It wears.me.out.  I guess if thats my least favorite thing, my life isn't too bad.  

Joey and I have gone to two maternity education classes.  The first was all about child birth and what to expect in the hospital.  I have moments of being excited, but also of being terrified.  I'm scared of going into labor and being alone.  Joey's work asked him to go on a work trip during April and I said no way!  It would not be worth it if I went into labor!  However,  after that class we did feel a lot more prepared.  The best thing about that class was the it took place right in the middle of a UK game day.  Poor Joey was a trooper ;)  The teacher was smart though, she set up a tv in the back of the room with the game on!  

The second class we took was called Baby Steps and it was all about what to expect from a newborn.   We are going to have to learn quick!


  1. Aww we love this!! You look absolutely gorgeous, being pregnant definitely suits you! Not long to go now!

    Laura & Sarah xo

  2. So cute! 33 weeks?? Not long now!

    Side note: I love your yellow front door. Ha.

    1. Thanks Kylie! I love a bright front door, too!

  3. Hey there! I've been following along with your pregnancy for a few months now and you look wonderful :) Congratulations on being so close to meeting your little guy! A little (unsolicited) Chiropractic wife advice regarding your leg falling asleep - and to help ensure a safer vaginal delivery and lower chances of C-section, since I know that is important to you - I highly highly recommend that you go see a chiropractor in these last few weeks who specializes in prenatal and infant care! He/she should be able to help relieve some of the pressure on your nerves and will be able to get your body into the right position for delivery :) good luck w/ everything!

    1. Thanks for the tip!! I'll definitely look into that! Anything to make delivery go a little smoother!