Baby Shower #1

We had our first baby shower for Shepherd last weekend.  My Aunt Beth hosted it at her house, along with my best friend Tressie.  We let the boys come and they went in the basement and played pool and air hockey!  Here we are with my family:
 Me with all of my sister-in-laws, Courtney, Jen & Caitlyn.
 Me, Tressie & Lindsay
 Lindsay and I are both pregnant and she is due barely 3 weeks before me!  We may very well have these boys together!  Its been so much fun to have another pregnant friend!  Especially since we are both having BOYS! :)
We let everyone decorate a onesie for Shepherd!  They were all so cute!  I love the second from right, my friend Kari drew a sheep and wrote Shep above it.

We also played games.  Tressie knows I hate any game that would include physical exertion or eating, so she did a good job planning ;)  We had a quiz matching celebrities to the baby name.  Did you all know Jerry Seinfield's son is named Shepherd??  The second game had a list of candy bars and pregnancy terms and you had to match them.  For example, breastfeeding = Milky Way!  The last game was full of riddles that made you guess the nursery rhyme.  Joey's mom (she is going by Nana) won every game!

 Here I am opening gifts:
 We bleed BLUE!!  This onesie was originally a mess up when a blue paint bottle exploded, but my cousin Hannah saved it ;)
 Joey and I with all of his family.  Matthew is so excited for his cousin Shep to get here!  When you ask him where Shepherd is he just says, "on his way."  And he won't give me a hug but instead hugs my belly to give Shep a hug!

Baby Shower #2 coming up next !

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