baby things.

I wanted to share some of my favorite baby things we have for Shepherd:

This drying rack for his bottles now has a home on our countertop:
 Of course my little Shepherd had to have a sheep!  This is the Cloud B Sleep Sheep and I have heard such great things about it.  It has 4 different soothing sounds to help baby sleep, including mom's heartbeat.
 My mom's friend, Rose, made us so many precious personalized things for Shepherd.  We love this alligator burp cloth.
 Another Cloud B product, this is his Twilight Turtle.  It has 3 different colors and projects constellations onto the ceiling.  I can just picture him loving going to sleep looking at the stars!
 Here is another burp cloth from Rose.  I love having his initials on things, everything seems more special when it is personalized. SNL :)


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