Dear Shepherd

(These pictures were taken around Thanksgiving, by my cousin.  No way do I look like that now!)

Dear Shepherd,

Your Daddy and I are so excited to finally meet you!  You have already made our lives a million times better and you aren't even here yet.  You are a special little boy!  Since the day I found out you were on your way (September 10th!) I have thought about you, pretty much every second of every day.  Every breath I take is a prayer for you.  I spent the entire first trimester praying for your health and safety and that I was doing everything right.  We've had nothing but good reports about you so I've stopped worrying about that as much, although it is still in every prayer.  Now I am thinking about all the things we want to teach you and the values we want to instill in you.  
God gave me such a huge responsibility in choosing me to be your mom.  Our time on Earth is temporary and our home is not here.  You are a child of God, and I am so blessed that He believes I can take care of you.  You are mine, and I want to do everything I can to give you the best life.

I hope you grow up knowing how special and loved you are.  I hope knowing that allows you to always be yourself and not worry about what other people think.  I hope you are comfortable in your own skin with nothing to prove.  I hope you aren't afraid to act silly and have fun!  I pray you find your own personal relationship with Jesus early on in life.  The sooner you find that, the sooner you can start living.  I hope you are so much like your Daddy and still like me, too.  I hope you have your Daddy's sense of humor, his drive, his way with words and people.  I hope you are easy going like he is.  I want you to know that being a man means so much more than the stereotypes.  It is standing up for what you believe in, knowing when certain things don't matter, being able to say you're sorry and do it quickly.  I want you to grow into a man who is honest and ethical, trustworthy and a good friend.  Don't let the world convince you "being a man" means something else.  A good man knows who he is, knows whats important, and puts those things first.  You have the best example you could ever ask for in your Dad.  

Oh, what a responsibility it is to be a mama to a boy!
I love you, my Shepherd.



  1. Beautiful words and prayers! You are going to be such a wonderful Mother!
    -almost teared up reading this ;)

  2. BEAUTIFUL! The photos are gorgeous but your words and wonderful :)