maternity clothes.

Maternity clothes.  I've been so sick of trying to find something that fits/is comfortbale/doesn't make me want to take my bra off at work and stick it in my purse.  Yesterday my mom and I went to Target hoping to find some cheap dresses I could wear since leggings are making me sweat to death.  Apparently Kentucky decided to skip Spring and pretend its August.  I bought these 2 dresses and the bottom one in 2 colors.  I don't want to spend money on clothes I won't wear again!

I got these pajamas thinking I might want to wear them in the hospital.   Hopefully they fit!  

I had my second shower today in my hometown.  We got so much great stuff for Shepherd!  I'm excited to get back to Lex tomorrow and get everything settled in his room.  I'll share pictures from my showers soon!

Finally, GO CATS!! So excited we get a Rematch with GROSS Indiana!!  I hope they don't score one point!


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