Shepherd Update

Thank you all so much for the encouragement and prayers after my last post about Shepherd!!  I wanted to give everyone an update after our ultrasound today.  

We had the appointment at 1:00 and immediately went back for the ultrasound.  It was exciting to see him, the last time we saw an ultrasound was 12 weeks ago!  It was a big difference, last time we could kind of get a full body view and now he is all curled up in a little ball with nowhere to go!  He was playing with his feet and had his head down right on my bladder.  (I could have told you that).   All of his organs were perfectly developed and looked good.  He weighed 5 lbs!  A little more than normal at this week.  I am 32 weeks + 5 days and he was measuring 34 weeks, about 10 days ahead.  They were quick to not let me think this changes his estimated due date, but 10 days ahead would put us at May 6th!  I definitely think he will be here a little early.  My guess has always been May 7th, my late grandmother's birthday.  Mom always knows! ;)

So we found out all of that in the ultrasound, but of course didn't know if it was normal.  After the ultrasound I went back up to the desk and they told me I didn't actually have an appointment.  They said I was going to have to wait until my next appointment on April 6th to talk to the doctor about the ultrasound.  
This of course was Not OK with me.  I swear you just have to tell people what you want because no one else cares about yourself as much as you do.  I have no shame!  How could I go to my appointment last Friday, have them order an ultrasound, which they said they would only do if there was a concern, and then wait for 2 more weeks to talk about it??  So I said, no, I really needed to talk to someone today to just ease my mind.  So the girl said she would go ask if any of the doctors could look at my ultrasound and we waited forever and finally got called back!   I didn't get to see my normal doctor but I saw another doctor.  She went over the ultrasound with me and said that they ordered it to make sure it was the baby that was big, and not extra fluid around him.  She said it was perfectly normal and everything looked good, he was just a big boy right now.  We will have to have another ultrasound at 36 weeks to check growth and if he is still measuring ahead of schedule we may have to think about a C-section.
So, we felt much better, just hearing from a doctor that everything looks good.

I really hope I do not have to have a C-section.  I know life isn't fair, but one case it should be is for a poor mama carrying around a baby for 10 months, completely having your body change and become not your own, tons of discomfort and aches and pains.  How in the world could it happen that she may have to have a C-section, then not get to even hold the baby and Dad gets to be the first one to hold him and then leave the room with the baby while you have to finish getting stitched back up from a major surgery?  Oh and then you have about 8 weeks of recovery time and a scar and can't get out of bed for 24 hours?  No thank you, I want a vaginal birth and to hold my baby immediately!  I know some people are happy with C-sections and prefer them, and who knows, I may change my mind if I have a vaginal birth, but right now I hope I don't need a C-section.  My mom said when she had me it was an emergency C-section so they put her to sleep and when she woke up she was alone and didn't even know if I was a boy or a girl.  Then to top it off, the entire family had already gotten to hold me and she hadn't even seen me yet.  My poor mom!

I have read so much about pregnancy and labor and delivery and babies since becoming pregnant.  It is amazing how much you take in in these 40 weeks.  One thing I feel so strongly about is that immediate bonding between mom and baby.  My hospital calls it "Kangaroo Care."  I want to immediately be chest to chest with Shepherd and breast feed right away.  I just really don't want to miss out on that!  There are so many benefits of immediate skin to skin contact between mother and baby.  I guess I have to be open to whatever happens, and having a healthy baby is what is most important, but I get anxiety not being sure how things are going to go.  I'm praying it all works out the way I hope, but mostly for a healthy happy baby!

Here is a picture from the ultrasound today (Its his profile):

I think he looks like me ;)



  1. Sweet little Shepherd is growing so strong! You're doing such a good job taking care of him and I agree whole heartedly with your perspective on birth! {and good job for telling them you wanted to see a Dr!!!}
    Not too long and you'll be sharing giggles with your baby boy ;)

    oh and the Belly Bandit, helps to hold in your belly after pregnancy... reminding your muscles of where they belong and all. A friend of mine said that spanx to pretty much the same thing and are way cheeper, but after stretching with two... I think I'm gonna go for some serious reinforcement :)

  2. Let me know if you HAVE to have a c-section. I have several tips on healing and advice for recovery. Due to abnormal complications during the first vaginal delivery I had... I HAD to have a c-section the second time. I honestly was SCARED TO DEATH, however, it wasn't "that bad". In a perfect world... a textbook vaginal birth is the way to go... unfortunately... it's not always perfect! I am one of those... "csection was a breeze on me AND baby compared to vaginal birth" moms. Every birth is different though, and my vaginal was hard to compare because I was not healthy and early. I hope you get the exact birth plan you desire, however... if you don't... it will be okay. I always found it comforting knowing that God knew exactly the moment, the way and how my kids were going to take their first breath on earth, so despite what I felt like I could or couldn't control... they were in far greater hands than mine. No matter what happens... it will be exactly how God wants him to start his life. =)

    1. Thanks Britney! Your email you sent me was very appreciated! I'll find out closer to term if we need to think about C-section. If so, I'll want to hear all your tips!! :)