36 Week Update

Today I am 36 weeks + 1 day.  This is a big one.  At the end of this week, which will be Wednesday, April 25th (so confusing!) I will be 37 weeks.  That is considered full term, which means Shepherd can come whenever he wants!  This week I guess he is finishing up all of the most important growing and developing he needs.  Ahh!!!

A couple of things.

I've started "nesting."  I wish I could say that for me this means I'm cleaning the house like crazy and it is spotless.  But no, unfortunately for our bank account, it means I've been shopping every single day because I keep thinking of new things we have.to.have.right.now.
The other night I woke up at 3:30am and couldn't sleep because I was thinking about everything I needed to do.  So, rather than toss and turn because I couldn't shut my mind off, I went in the nursery and made tons of lists and just prayed and talked to Shepherd.

Last week my friend Lindsay gave birth to her son, Eli.  I'm thankful Lindsay and I got to go through our pregnancies together.  It is hard to believe that now that her little boy is here!  We went to see her at the hospital and it was surreal holding Eli.  He was not even a day old yet.  He was born a little over 6 lbs, and I was holding him thinking, "This is the size of Shepherd right now!  This is what he looks like!"  I can't wait :)

I go to the doctor tomorrow for my first internal exam.  I'm terrified!  Ugh I hate exams.  But, I'm also excited to see how I'm progressing and hear her thoughts on c-section vs. vaginal delivery for Shepherd.

Sometimes I fixate on small details that really won't matter in the long run.  Right now that is Shepherd's outfit he is wearing home from the hospital.  I realize probably no one but our families will see it, but I need it to be special.   I originally wanted a white onesie with a cursive L on it and a hat that says Shep.  But then I started thinking that a onesie really is not an outfit.  Joey disagrees.  Maybe it is an "outfit" but it doesn't seem special enough for coming home from the hospital in.  I want something each of our children can wear home.  I actually had a dream that I put him in a onesie to take him home and all the nurses acted like I was a terrible mother and said, "you've had 9 months to prepare, you couldn't finish dressing him?" 

Joey and I are extreme over-sharers.  Neither of us ever get embarrassed.  Being the first of our group of friends to get pregnant, I'm pretty sure we've traumatized some of them.  Between one friend who couldn't handle me talking about "placenta" to Joey traumatizing his little sister's boyfriend talking about nursing bras, and much more intimate details in between, I'm surprised people still hang out with us.  I can see us embarrassing our children in the future.

Its kind of nice only having about 10 articles of clothing that fit me.  No more trying on outfits or taking too long to decide what to wear.   However after I lose this baby weight I'm rewarding myself with a big shopping spree!

Tonight on my to do list includes packing the hospital bag!  After my latest trip to Target (3rd this week...) I think I've got everything I need.  After I finish packing I'll share my list for any other mamas to be.

This weekend's to do list includes finishing the nursery.  I think there are just 2 more things we need to do.  We want some shelves to put the monitor on, and I'm not happy with the crib sheets we have right now.  I wish you could just snap and have exactly what you want.  We don't have anything in the crib at all.  No bumper or anything.  I do not understand 1. Why people spend $60+ on those crib kits or whatever they are called 2. Why places are still selling them.  You know how you can go to Babies R Us and buy the crib set that includes sheets, bumper, blanket?  We didn't do that because it is recommended to not have anything in the crib at all!  Bumpers are a safety hazard.  I don't understand why they sell them?  I asked a pediatrician and she said not even breathable bumpers are ok.  So, we just have the crib sheet but it is hard to find cute crib sheets sold on their own.  I'm on the lookout!

Everything for boys has either and animal, truck or sport theme on it.  None of which are ok with me.  Some animals I like, but I hate monkeys on anything.   Animals I can stand include alligators, elephants and of course sheep for my little Shepherd! ;)

Joey says every night at 8:30 I get really cranky and mean.  He thinks its because I'm tired but I know I won't be able to sleep so I just get rude!  I told him until our youngest child graduates high school I'm allowed to do whatever I want since pregnancy is such hard work ;)

I'll admit, I have been a little cranky on occasion, but I have a new attitude.  At church on Sunday, they mentioned the verse about: 
"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made"
I've thought about that verse a lot while pregnant, but on Sunday it just hit me.  I am literally carrying out God's word right now.  God knows every day of Shepherd's life.  Right now God is using my body to form his sweet little body, his heart and soul.  
So, when I want to be cranky, when I want to complain about the fact that I can't bend over or sit up, when I want to tell my husband that I am going to schedule his vasectomy because I can't imagine doing this again (don't worry I took that back), when I want to cry because I don't think we have a suitable hat for him to come home from the hospital in....
Well, I may still do all of those things, but I'll quickly remind myself that this is all part of God's perfect plan, and God chose me to be his mother, and I am the only person who can do that.
And that is pretty special!!


  1. You look beautiful and your words are so sweet...funny, honest, and so insightful as to what is going through the mind of a mom-about-to-be. Love you!

  2. Shepherd is almost here!! Gosh I can hardly wait for you to hold him in your arms!
    Like Lacey in the City said, you look beautiful!
    -I opted to go with no bumper for the boys cribs as well. And I searched A TON on etsy for things to go in their room. Like you I wasn't too keen on all the animals, sports, trucks and cars stuff... It's hard to find cool things for kids that aren't so expensive too! It's like searching for hidden treasures! Any time I found something I liked it was such a treat :)

    k, My little Emerson is calling out for me,
    Praying for you and the delivery of your baby
    Amber Dawn

  3. Have you looked on The Land of Nod or Dwell Studio? Both of them had fun crib sheets that were less " traditional baby".

    1. Thanks for the suggestion!!

    2. I just looked at them! Very cute stuff :) I'm hoping to find something in either lime green, orange or mustard yellow!

  4. So exciting. You're almost there!

  5. so fun! I'm a new follower and due I think just a few days before you (may 15th) - excited to follow along whose baby will be the same age as mine! also, can't wait to see what you've packed in your hospital bag to see if theres anything I forgot! :)

  6. I have this same sweater (old navy, bright yellow?) and I definitely just wore it in a non-maternity outfit:) You look lovely! I have a 9-month-old daughter who was three weeks late. So try not to get your hopes up too high. As my very wise midwife said "babies come when they're ready." and Scarlet just needed a little extra time. Anyhow, following you now on GFC. Come by, say hi and follow back if ya feel like it. XO

    1. Yes! I love that sweater =) And I completely agree, I want him to stay in there as long as he needs!