Today we had our 37 week check-up.  Now that I am full term, I can actually say "Any day now!!"

First we had an ultrasound to check on Shepherd's growth.  At 32 weeks he was measuring 10 days ahead of schedule and they were concerned he might be too big for me. Before the ultrasound my guess was 7 lbs 9 oz, and Joey's was 7 lbs 4 oz.  
He weighs 7 lbs 6 oz, so we were both close!  The doctor told me that in order for her to want a c-section he would need to get up to 9 lbs, which hopefully he won't because I don't want a c-section!
After the ultrasound we had an appointment.
Since I had my first exam last week and knew what to expect, I wasn't quite so nervous.  Although that did not stop me from yelling  politely telling my husband that dancing and singing and telling jokes while we wait for the doctor doesn't calm my nerves.  I'm going to have to get him under control before I go into labor ;)
My worst symptom lately has been itching!  Its normal for your stomach to itch because the skin is so stretched.  But my entire body is itching, my legs and arms especially.  Some nights I can't sleep because I  am so itchy.  Joey loves those nights.  
So I told my doctor about this and she is concerned I may have something called Cholestasis.  This is a liver disease that only happens in pregnancy, and only in about 1 out of every 1,000 women.  There is not a lot of risk to me, but if I have this it could be dangerous for Shepherd.  Because of that, women who have cholestasis are usually induced early. 
After hearing this, I had to go get blood work done and that will show if I have it or not.  
We should find out on Monday.  If I do, Dr. James is inducing me next week.

Of course I hope and pray I do not have this!!  My biggest concern in life is Shepherd's health.  
I don't want to be induced at all.  I want Shep to come when he is ready and with God's timing.  But, if his health is at risk, and we have to do an induction, I know this is God's timing and He is taking care of us.  Maybe he will come on his own this weekend?  Wouldn't that be nice!

other things to add about 37 weeks.

I told Joey he has to ask me everyday how am I feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally.
Usually if one is off, they are all off!! ;)

Joey asks me multiple times throughout the day if he is moving around in there.

My feet and legs and hands are sooo swollen.  I'll spare showing you a picture.

Our families are so excited.  
Caitlyn is convinced I'll go into labor while Joey is at work and she will have to rush to take me to the hospital.  She has warned everyone she may have to take off at a moments notice.  She is so sweet.  Love you Caity!!
Joey's mom is convinced I'll go into labor tomorrow.  I hope so!!
My sister insists on new pictures of my belly all the time.  
My family is coming down this weekend to spend one last weekend with us before we have a baby and help us get any last minute things finished.  I emailed my mom and said I had a to-do list for her and she said she would be happy to fulfill her duties.  Something about moms just make you get stuff done.  At least my mom!

I am finally at a point where I think I've read all I can read, researched all I can research, I've crossed off pretty much everything on my to-do list.  Now I just need a baby!!

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