game day in the bluegrass

Can you all tell basketball is literally the only thing going on in this crazy city??  I feel like I keep posting about it.  UK made it to the championship and we play tonight!  My mother and sister-in-law are down in New Orleans.  We are so jealous!  I wish I could go back to college just for this weekend ;)
Ready for our Championship game today!!
All CATS everything!!

Oh my gosh, it is APRIL.  Shepherd is due in MAY!  So, I could very easily have him early and have an April baby!  This could possibly be his birth month!  I'm having a moment of panic and need to get everything ready!  I need to read more books, finish the nursery (getting close, can't wait to share!), buy a few more things we will need, pack my hospital bag...ahhhh!!  I can't decide if pregnancy has gone by slowly or quickly.  I'm sure the more pregnant and uncomfortable I get I will think sloooowly.  Sometimes it feels like I've been pregnant forever, other times it feels like its snuck up on me and just yesterday I was sitting in the bathroom staring at that little test.  
Sunday Joey and I had a very lazy day since we know there aren't many left.  We lay in bed forever just staring at my belly and feeling Shepherd kick and move.  He is definitely utilizing all of his space.  We could feel him on my lower left side and upper right side.  Sweet thing.

Shepherd, we can't WAIT to meet you! 


  1. Have I told you that pregnancy looks good on you? You are so pretty! And I am so happy for you all. Just from reading your posts, I can tell how great you and Joey will be as parents. Can't wait to see pics of his nursery!

    And oh yeh, Go Cats!! ;)

  2. Yay Kentucky! We're excited about the game, even out here in California. You look great and I bet you're so excited to finally be so close to Shepherd's due date! We can't wait till we're at that point with our little one too : ) Good for you taking advantage of lazy Sundays- Nick and I did the same thing yesterday, knowing that there aren't too many left for us! Can't wait to see the pictures of your nursery- I bet it's adorable!

  3. Oh you look so cute! I remember being ginormous! I actually gained almost 80lbs. And it's amazing how much of all that crud is fluid and it just come right out ;) Breastfeeding does WONDERS too!