my husband as a baby

Excuse the fact that I took a picture of a picture, using my iphone.  Just thinking about what baby Shep will look like.  I'm sure it will be a lot like my husband as a baby.  Those genes are strong!
Look how much Joey looks like his mom here:
(He was pouting because he didn't get the bike he wanted.  Poor thing ;)

More pictures of my husband:
Serious baby:
Chubby baby:
Curly haired baby:
I love that little face!

Maybe I'll be surprised and Shep will be a little blue eyed blonde baby, but I'm ok if he is a sweet little tan curly haired brunette!


  1. Jess, the one with the curly hair looks like adult Joey! HA! You know how some people look different as a kid? Well, I can really tell baby Joey is adult Joey! Love it! Can't wait to see who little Shep will resemble!? =)

  2. SUCH a cute little guy!!! Aww we all love Joey!