packing my hospital bag.

I've been in serious nesting mode this past week, and all of my thoughts and energy have gone mainly to the darn hospital bag!  Yes, I realize we live 3 minutes away and if I forget something its not a big deal.  But that is a rational thought and I don't feel very rational.  
Instead it makes sense to lay awake at night thinking about "if a cold front comes through, THEN what will Shepherd wear home?"
(Rational thought would be: Its a 3 minute drive, wrap a blanket around him.
My husband's facebook status the other day said:
"Love this weather, relaxing on the deck while Jess is inside making a list of the lists she needs to make to get ready for Shepherd."
That about sums it up!
Here is a picture of my hospital bag lists:

They include:
Shopping List
What to pack at the last minute list
Snack List
A rough draft of my master packing list
List of what has actually been placed in the bag
Master Packing List

So without further ado, here is my Master Packing List for the hospital:
Several copies of my Birth Plan
Back massager
Exercise ball
Toiletries  (I bought travel size so I don't have to pack last minute)
(Shampoo/Conditioner, Body Wash, Loofah, Deodorant, Face Wash, Cold Cream, Qtips, Cotton Balls)
Hairbrush, Hair Dryer, Comb
Maxi pads
2 nursing bras (one black, one nude)
Makeup bag
A few pairs of big, comfortable black underwear (in case of c-section do not want to hurt incision and black for bleeding!)
Nursing pajamas
(I packed button down black pajamas and a nursing nightgown)
Nursing pads
Boppy nursing pillow
Phone Charger
Lanolin cream
Notepad/Folder (to write down any important information/save any important documents)
Shepherd's baby book (for footprints)
Bobby pins
My going home outfit: Black yoga pants, black nursing tank, sweater
Shep's going home outfit **still up in the air** but as of now: 
personalized "L" onesie, hat, socks, mittens

Well, thats it! Did I forget anything??


  1. Wow! I think you have it all covered ;)

    Happy Monday,

  2. Oh this is perfect!!
    Maybe add flip-flops? Depending on the shower floor?
    Other than that girl you're set! and I don't think it's too much either! All of the above will make your time in the hospital much better!
    I'm so excited for you!
    Amber Dawn

  3. At first, I thought you were crazy. (This obviously shows I have never given birth.) But then I realized you are SO need all those birth, loving on Shep, accepting visitors while there. It's going to be a lot and you need options. I fully support your lists!!

    1. Oh, Lacey, I am definitely a special brand of crazy!! ;)

  4. You are adorable! Such a beautiful preggers. My friend Amber directed me to your blog since I was asking about hospital bag checklists- I'm due Saturday. Thanks for posting yours. Good luck with your delivery :)