first family walk.

We are just enjoying our sweet baby over here.  It still doesn't seem real.  Last night I sat on the couch and cried just looking at him.  How did we do this?  8 years ago we met...almost 3 years ago we married...10 months ago we found out I was pregnant...and here we are.  It just doesn't seem real.

We were talking about how each day we get to know him a little better.  He is one of us.
Its nice to say, "oh right after he eats he likes to look around and just take it all in for a bit."  "After that he  will go to sleep."  "When he sleeps he makes the cutest little faces, like the one where he raises his eyebrows and looks so concerned." "When he stretches his legs out he is about to poop."

Joey and I were on a walk with him and talking about how perfect he is.  Joey said something about how he has literally never done anything wrong.  Then we got into the conversation about how we are all human and born with sin...that is why we need God.  No, Shepherd has not sinned, but he is human and is born with sin.  As a Christian, I hope and pray my son will sooner rather than later know how important accepting Christ is and make that decision on his own.  I pray Joey and I will be good examples of Christ's love.

But...for now he is just a sweet angel.
Who prefers his momma and daddy over anybody else.
Depends on his momma for milk.
Relaxes the most when his daddy holds him.
I cannot get enough.

Daddy's shoulder is much more enjoyable than that stinky stroller!

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