Good News


After my 37 Week update, I just want to share my good news.
At our last appointment my doctor was concerned that I had something called cholestasis, which would be a risk for the baby and cause for me to be induced early.
After much waiting and anticipating and multiple calls to my doctor, I finally got the results back from my blood work.
Happy to say, everything was normal, and I do not have cholestasis!!
No induction needed!!  Thank the Lord for answered prayers :)

Now all we have to do is wait for Shepherd to come on his own!  Not that this has stopped Joey and I from taking nightly walks to hopefully get him on his way ;)

I have a feeling he could come this weekend.
Evidence #1:
There is a "supermoon" this Friday.  More than just a full moon, it is the biggest full moon of the year.
Maybe that will kick start labor??
Evidence #2
It is supposed to rain and storm all weekend, which I've heard can induce labor.
Evidence #3
Shepherd has consistently been measuring 9-10 days ahead of schedule, which would make his "due date" May 6th or 7th
Evidence #4
Mother's intuition.  I have always said his birthday would be May 7th so he could share it with my late Grandma.

We go to the doctor again tomorrow for our 38 week appointment.  I am having a non-stress test done.  Maybe we will see some progress!

Any day now!!

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  1. I was wondering if you had heard back about the cholestasis. So glad that turned out okay! I'm loving the updates and can't wait to see the posts about Sheperd when he's finally here! =)