Shepherd Nash is here

Shepherd Nash
Born May 10th
6 lbs 10 oz
19.5 inches long

I promise to resume blogging once I don't feel like I've been run over by a truck. (Kidding...kind of)

I can't wait to share Shepherd's birth story. He was induced but ended up being born via C-Section.
I can't wait to share all the details of our hospital stay.  It was wonderful.
I can't wait to share all the details of his first days at home, and how happy I am that his Daddy gets to be home with me.  I am going to have to learn how to change a diaper eventually but for now we will let Daddy do it. ;)
I can't wait to share all about breastfeeding and the best 10 minutes of my entire life when Shepherd finally latched on for the first time.
I can't wait to share a million pictures of this precious angel that somehow looks just like his momma with all of my recessive genes.  How did I manage that??
I can't wait to share all of these things because this blog is Shepherd's baby book and I want him to have this to look back on and know how completely in love with him we are.

But for now all I want to do is not miss a single second of snuggling a teeny tiny baby, looking into his big blue eyes, watching him curl up with his daddy...

Check back soon!


  1. Yay, congratulations! What a handsome little guy! And you look great!

  2. Oh Joy!! Such a sweet looking little man!
    Jessica you're beautiful!
    I'm so looking forward to following along on his life.
    You and the Hubs are going to be GREAT parents!

  3. How did I miss seeing this?! He is perfect!! Congrats!!!!

  4. ps I totally wore that same robe in the hospital!

  5. Oh my gosh... I totally had that same robe too for the hospital!!