waiting on shepherd.

Waiting on Shepherd...but not for much longer!!

I officially have an induction scheduled for Wednesday night at 8pm!!  I really wanted Shepherd to come on his own (and am still praying that happens) but more than that I do not want a C-section.  I want to hold my sweet baby as soon as he gets here, so my doctor gave me the option and I decided on an induction.  Wednesday I will be 39 weeks and she said if I wait any longer than that he will probably be too big for me to birth.  I am pretty petite and we are expecting a big baby!

So if all goes as planned, I should have Shepherd on May 10th.
The induction is scheduled for 8pm on May 9th, but I'm assuming it will be a long process and he won't be here until Thursday.  Although if it was quick and he got here on May 9th he would get to share his birthday with my little sister!  

I'm starting to get a little nervous about the labor and delivery.  I'm scared of the pain!
But I am definitely ready to NOT be pregnant.  The past few weeks have worn.me.out.
I told my mom today I have a new appreciation for her and there is really no way to ever thank your mom enough for all she went through to get you here!

Tomorrow is my last day of work.  I am taking Wednesday to relax and rest and just prepare myself for labor and delivery.  What does one do on the day they know they are having a baby?!



  1. Good Luck!! I'll be thinking about you and praying for a safe delivery for baby Shepherd!

  2. That's so exciting!! I would be so antsy :) I hope everything goes well for you!! :)

  3. You are absolutely stunning!!
    And you're almost done! These next couple days will fly by.
    Sleep as much as you can! Though I'm sure both body and brain might make it difficult to do so...
    Love, don't be worried about labor. You were made to have babies. And though the process tends to be painful, it's a) not impossible and b) so worth the outcome.
    You can do it :)