1 Month

Yesterday was Shepherd's 1 month birthday.
Time goes too fast!!  Can't he just stay a baby forever??
Right now I'm watching him wiggle around in his crib.  About this time every morning he is really active and likes to entertain himself for awhile.  The past month has been a huge adjustment period, trying to figure out life with a baby.  But I have literally never in my life felt such complete joy.  Sometimes I think my heart might just break from so much joy.  I never want to put him down.  When he is asleep, I miss him.  Sometimes when he is awake I miss him!  
The day I had Shepherd I instantly changed.  I grew up so much.  With him, I immediately felt so much responsibility, but felt so much confidence in myself that I could handle it. I'm his mom, so I know best! ;)

Here is a little something I put together for him.  I plan to do this every month to record all of his milestones, and after that every year.

And here are some of my most favorite pictures of our first month with Shepherd.

Happy One Month Birthday, Shepherd Nash. I love you!


  1. :) You and the Hubs made a super cute one!
    Officially SUPER CUTE!

  2. He is so precious!! And tiny!! love!

  3. Shepherd is a little stud. Congrats to your 1 month old momma!! It's such an amazing thing being a new mom. I'm right there with ya, it is such an amazing change...so much joy and responsibility right in one moment. It's amazing what it does to you. It makes you a whole new woman. Blessings to you and your family, and congrats on your newest addition. Enjoy every moment!!