Our Song

When I was in high school, way before I met Joey, I was obsessed with the Dave Barnes song, Until You.  I printed out the lyrics and had them folded up in my wallet and would read them and think about my future husband.  Cheese-y!!!  A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning out a closet and found a bag of things from high school and found the paper I had in my wallet!!
Here it is (Instagramed for prettiness of course!)

When I met Joey I told him this was my favorite song and he downloaded it immediately and would pick me up for dates and have it playing when I got in the car, trying to impress me.
Well, this became our song and it has been so perfect over the years!!

A few months before we got engaged, Dave released a slow version.  It was playing in the background when Joey got on one knee and that is the image I will forever have in my head when I hear the slow version.

Dave has so many other good songs, that he was basically the only thing heard during our wedding ceremony.  My bridesmaids walked down the aisle to his song called, "I Have and Always Will."
Every time I hear it, I remember exactly how I felt in the back of that church, standing with my dad, waiting for my turn to walk down the aisle.  I was so anxious and wanted that darn song to be over so I could get on with it!! 
When it was my turn to walk down the aisle, I walked down to another Dave song, "On a Night Like This."  I had it timed out perfectly, that the ushers opened the doors to me and my dad as soon as he started singing.  Again, its so crazy how a song can make you feel exactly how you felt at a different moment!!  I'm so glad I didn't have traditional instrumental music during our wedding.

At the reception, our first dance was of course to Until You.

When we started planning the nursery we tried to decide if we wanted words on the wall.  That is so popular right now, but we didn't want to do something typical, if we were going to have a wall decal, it needed to be special to us.  Joey had the idea of using these lyrics from "Until You."  
I can't imagine anything more perfect!!

Now I sing this song to rock my sweet baby to sleep!

Here is the slowed down version, if you'd like to listen.
You Tube the original too!



  1. This is so sweet. Isn't it amazing how music can stay within our soul and bring so much joy and memory back to us from times in our life. We did a "no traditional" song for our wedding to for a lot of things, I'll never forget the melody of "somewhere in time" as I walked down the isle to my husband, a song my grandma used to play on the piano to me and my sisters.

    1. I agree! I love weddings that have music that is personal to the bride and groom, rather than the traditional music :)