heat wave

Kentucky is HOT, y'all!  
This past Monday my car read 110 degrees on my way home from work:
I came home to this sight:
Yep, our power was out which meant no air conditioning.  So, my boys were camped out in the kitchen.  For some reason the kitchen was the only room in the house with power.  We couldn't figure out why, then I decided it was a breast milk storage miracle from God.  If our fridge went out and I lost all of the frozen BM I worked so hard for I would have been real upset.

Even with all this, it was still Monday which meant one thing topped our priority list.  We went to Joey's sister Caitlyn's apartment to watch The Bachelorette (Team Jef) and hope the air came back on while we were gone.  

No such luck, so the three of us camped out in the kitchen with our fans.  

What a night! ;)

P.S. What are y'alls thoughts on The Bachelorette?

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  1. Team JEF! Love him, but gosh I love Sean, too. I think Sean is solid in who he is and his values and family, etc... But Jef has an edge and goodness he is sooooo sweet to Emily!