lets talk about The Bachelorette.

Since we all know whats important in life...the Final Rose...what do you all think?
 Team Jef or Team Arie?

I like Jef because he seems like someone who is aware and thinks about what he is saying.  I'm not even sure Emily is good enough for him.  He seems like he would be with someone a little more hipster.  And although it is growing on me, I cannot say I support his hair.  
I like Arie too, but am just not too sure he's not a player.  Really cute, on the road a lot...She will probably pick him.

I just hope out of those two, whichever one she doesn't pick is the next Bachelor.  Sean is boring. Blah.  

I may or may not have stalked Arie and Jef on Instagram.  Stalking runs deep, what can I say.  Neither of them follow Emily, in case you were wondering, but that may not be allowed by ABC, who knows.

I'm mildly embarrassed I actually am writing a post about this but I do love some Bachelor and all its spin offs.

On that note, anyone else excited for The Bachelor Pad?  My all time favorite Bachelor ever... Reid is on it.  I was am obsessed with him.  Hopefully he doesn't act like a huge skank on the show and disappoint me!

On that note, I'm finished with my Bachelor talk.  What do you all think??



  1. I love them both - I agree, hope the one she doesn't pick is the next Bachelor because I'm not ready to let go. For once, I'd be happy with either pick and don't feel too strongly about it (ok, ok - I love Jef!) haha, hope you and Shep are doing well! :)

  2. Im right there with you. for Emily's picks, Jeff is super rad. i love his personality...and he is super thoughtful, and ill have to admit...im ALL FOR his hair, i love it, he has good style...but he seems to "boy-ish" for Emily, a little young, and yes...to hipster. but then there is Arie..he is okay. i just think he is all about the "passion" the "lust" and as much as that is needed, you need somthing that runs deeper, especially with a daughter around...you cant always be making out, lol. I hope he has it, because i think she will pick him.
    anywyas...so excited for the bachelor pad... should be fun.

  3. Team Jef for sure! I think that he would be a much better fit for Emily and Ricki. I don't think Arie talks as much about family as Jef and that is obviously important. Plus, Arie eats Emily's face everytime he kisses her and it grosses me out. At the end of the day you need something more that someone who can make out and that would be Jef!

  4. totally stalk them on instagram too ;)