I have been seriously slacking on the blogging.  Lots of exciting life changes happening that I promise to share soon!

I found this post I wrote right after Shepherd was born and forgot to share.  A tiny story from our hospital stay.  Forgive me because I was probably still on perkaset (spelling?) when I wrote this.  Haha!

Overall, my stay at the hospital was wonderful.  I actually wrote 5 of my nurses Thank You cards because I appreciated them so much.  
But let me share this story.
My husband never gets mad about anything.  Its actually really annoying ;)  If something is off, I'm always the one who is upset, he just goes with the flow, "not a big deal, let it go, its not worth it."

Well at the hospital his Papa Bear mentality came out and he took care of business!
It was probably around 8pm and the nurses shifts changed at 7pm, so we had a new nurse, Jennifer.  I had never got my pain medication and was hurting, so I called the nurses station and asked for my nurse to bring it.  Well, an hour later no one had come and I had thought of a few other questions for my nurse.  I can't even remember now what they were.  I called the nurse's station again and just asked for my nurse to come to my room.  I know it was actually my nurse who answered the call because I later found out she was the only one working.  When I asked for Jennifer to come to my room, she asked me why.  Really?  I said "I just have a couple questions for her."  And she responded really rudely, "OK???" Hard to explain in writing, but trust me it was rude!
When she made her way to our room finally, she came in and her stance was soooo rude, like "I'm in a hurry what do you want?"  I was on so much medication and she got me all flustered because she was being so rude, I was trying to get out my question and she kept acting like "hurry up."  I asked her if she had got the message that I needed my pain medication, and she went into this rant about how she is the only person working, someone called in, blah blah blah, I need to be patient...
I was had been an hour!

(I apologize that this story really does not make as much sense as if I was telling it in person!)

Anyway, just trust me she was TERRIBLE.  She left the room and I immediately burst into tears.  I was sitting on the edge of the bed crying, thinking, "why is Joey not coming over here to comfort me?"
I turned around (slowly...I could barely move...C-sections are no fun!) and Joey wasn't in the room.  As soon as Jennifer left he followed her out in the hallway and told her we did not appreciate her attitude, he did not care that she was the only person on staff, and that she owed me an apology!

She came back in the room and said she was sorry, she didn't mean to upset me and continues on this rant about how she is the only person working.  I said "I do not care about your staffing issues, we are paying a lot of money to be here.  I have no idea about anything, I'm trusting my nurses to answer questions and take care of me."  Her whole attitude was still so rude and defensive.  I was thinking about how the nurse's shifts were 12 hours and I didn't want to have an awkward situation for that long, so I just said I didn't want to get off on the wrong foot.

Well she left again and I cried some more and Joey was sooo mad!  We called my mom to come over to the hospital and when she got there Joey left again and went right out to the nurses station and told Jennifer that we could not see her anymore, we needed a new nurse.

I was very proud of him and thankful that he took such good care of me :)


  1. Way to go, Joey! We weren't ever treated poorly like that by my nurses (though the peds nurses were a different story all together for someone who cannot medically nurse my babies and got condemned for asking for formula to supplement... burn in h-e-double-hockey-sticks for me asking to FEED MY BABY!), but they were always behind on my meds. I didn't understand how they had so many people on shift and so many charts and computers and couldn't keep up with when I needed meds to even offer them. I had to call and ask EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I needed meds. And, like you, post c-section, you *need* to stay on top of your meds schedule. So sorry you had this experience. As a friend of many L&D nurses and having had good and mediocre experiences myself, I know they can make or break your hospital experience and will forever be remembered in your birth story. Glad Joey stood up for you and protected you! What a blessing!!

  2. Way to go for your husband!! What an awful experience. I'm so glad he said something to her and changed nurses for you completely!

  3. Good man!!! Seriously! OH I'm so glad you have someone like that taking care of you!
    Hope you're well sweet lady.