Power of a Praying Parent

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My mom gave me this book.  As a Christian, I cannot stress enough how POWERFUL prayer is.  I have seen it.  I am BEYOND grateful that I have praying parents.  My entire life I've had them praying for me.  Before I knew Joey, they prayed for my future husband.  I feel the effects of those prayers daily.  I would venture to say that the #1 thing I appreciate about my family is their prayers.  

This is a recent text between me and my Grandma:
"Put on your praying pants"
"Been wearing them for days."
haha! She makes me laugh.

And one with my sister:
(I cut off the rest of our text about something else, lest you think we are both psycho ;)

I love knowing they are praying for me.  There is so much peace in that.  
I think prayer can easily turn into a laundry list of things you want.  I have to remind myself that prayer should be a conversation.  I need to give myself time to listen.  

A couple of things I do/don't do with prayer.
1. I never limit God and I never give up.  There are a few things I can promise you I will be praying for until the day they happen or the day I die.  I don't ever want to say oh, well He won't answer that prayer, or that is too big.  I have two prayers in particular that I have been praying for over a decade.
2.  If something I've been praying for happens, wow what a good day! I know it is God at work.
3. I try to always start my prayers in thanks.
4.  I write down my prayers.  I have books and books full of written prayers.  When I'm writing it down, I keep focused and it also helps me see things more clearly.  Plus, I like looking back and seeing how God has answered prayers.  I used to go back and put check marks, haha!  (Of course I say little prayers throughout the day, but I still usually write in my prayer journal almost nightly.)
5. I try to go into detail.  I wouldn't call my mom to talk about stuff and just skip over the details.  I think God wants to hear it.  Even though He is all-knowing, I think He wants that intimacy of hearing the names, dates, places, etc.  

I've of course always prayed for Shepherd, but this book showed me that I should really get deep in the details of what I want for him.  I pray a lot for his future wife, because I'm so thankful my parents prayed for Joey.  I know that had an effect on him before he even met me.
I pray that wherever she is right now, she has good parents.  Maybe she isn't here yet, maybe she hasn't been thought of, and if not, I pray for her parents.  I pray they have a good, strong marriage.  I pray that her daddy tells her she's pretty everyday and gives her confidence in his love for her, so she doesn't go out looking for it in the wrong places.  I pray her mom shows her what a good marriage looks like, so in the future she has someone to ask her questions.

Like I said, I write down my prayers.  I had this idea for Shepherd.  I might get a prayer journal just for my prayers for him.  I was thinking I could put it out and when he gets older he can read it whenever he wants.  I think this would be good for a lot of reasons.  One, of course it would be a tangible reminder of how much I care about him.  Two, I think, especially when he is older, if he has read the specific prayers I have for him, it would hold him accountable in a lot of different ways.

If anyone has any prayer requests they would like me to pray for, feel free to email me :)



  1. I love that we both wrote about prayer on the same day!
    Read the Power of a Praying Wife before I got married and it shaped so much of my prayers for my Hubby and the way I lift him up to the Lord.
    You have such a beautiful, truthful heart and spirit Jessica! I'm so blessed by it and I know that others are too!
    Glad you blog!

  2. Hi there. I came across your blog post and it has inspired me to start a prayer journal and to pray more diligently for my husband and son. Thanks! And you have a lovely blog!!

  3. I just found your blog. This made me cry. I am between deciding to get a divorce. We have been having lots of problems since I became pregnant. My son is 2 1/2 yrs old and love him with all my heart. I want to make the best decision for him. My faith is so broken from everything in my marriage, and how I have been treated. Your prayers I am sure are protecting that family of Shepherd's future wife. Having someone as dedicated as you on prayer is powerful. I wish I could have done it as a daily thing when I had more strength and faith.

    1. Oh gosh! This breaks my heart! I'm so sorry you are going through this. Thank you for reaching out to me. Marriage is tough! Sometimes BEYOND tough. I don't know what your situation is or what you've been dealing with. I am praying for you and your family. Something from that book that I'd never thought of that I love was the quote, "If you are praying something is happening whether you can see it or not." I know what it feels like to give up and push God away. That does not feel good looking back. But He is still with you, even if you feel your faith is weakening. Please don't stop praying! If you need someone to talk to feel free to email me! I really am praying for you! xo Jessica