things i like for my baby.

This is just a random list of a few things I like for my baby.  Shepherd isn't too opinionated yet, I just think he seems to like these things, or in some cases they just make it a little easier on me!  
In no particular order:

You can get this in other animals, but we of course had to have a sheep for my little Shepherd!  It plays 4 different sounds, heartbeat, rain, ocean and whale (we avoid that last one...scuuurry).
I am trying to get Shepherd to associate the heartbeat sound with nap time, so I always play that one when he is sleeping/I want him to sleep.  When it is play time we listen to the ocean!  A little Pavlov for ya.

Now, I am obsessive and crazy so let me share this.  Before Shepherd was born, we received a ton of different pacifiers as gifts, so we opened all of them and put them in an apothecary jar in the nursery for decoration.  When Shepherd got here, we tried all of the pacifiers, and there was only one he liked.  Well we only had one, but I thought whatever, its fine, one is all we need.  Well we guarded that thing with our life so as not to lose it.  One day my parents were in town and my Dad had Shepherd and the paci dropped on the floor.  My dad bent down to pick it up, and when he did the hook part broke off.  My dad didn't realize how important this paci was, or we would have had some mourning time.  Like slow motion, I see my dad say well we don't want to use this anymore and toss it into the trash.  
Now don't ask me how, but I have a memory like an elephant and somehow remembered who bought us that particular paci.  I called her up and asked if she remembered where she got it.  It was a specialty store and when I went there of course I couldn't find the paci.  I then proceeded over the next few days to call...and maybe text pictures to the staff...of this paci trying to find someone who recognized it so I could get an idea where to find it elsewhere.  I made a saleswoman tell me the name of every brand they carried so I could obsessively google them.  Ugh, could not find that darn pacifier anywhere!! Soothies were just not cutting it!  So I went to Babies R Us (again) and compared all of the pacifiers to a picture of Shepherd holding the original.  The Latex Nuks are what I came up with!  So there ya go, thanks for listening to my long boring story about pacifiers haha!  And if anyone recognizes this, please purchase a few for me and I will pay you back!

This little toy only cost $2.99 and Shepherd LOVES it.  We hang it from the car seat handle, put it in his lap, he plays with it in the crib...I think he likes the bright colors and the links each feel different.  He also likes to chew on it.  

This little bouncer seat is where Shepherd sleeps every night.  I don't know what I would have done without this thing.  The first few nights after we brought Shepherd home, I was too emotional to think about putting his tiny little self in that big ol crib!  Not to mention, he cried every single time I tried to put him to sleep in it.  One of my friends told me that her baby would sleep in this thing, and it was a magical moment when I remembered we already had this seat but had forgotten to put it together.  So that night Shepherd slept in the Snug a Bunny and he has slept there every night since.  Now I have mixed emotions about this because I wholeheartedly believe in research and safety and the advice of studies and doctors, and the AAP does not recommend routine sleep in something like this.  However, the AAP does recommend infants to sleep in the same room (not the same bed, but in the room) with his parents, so it was either in the crib in the nursery, or in the room but in the snug a bunny and I feel better having him in the room with us.

There are a lot of different pillows for breastfeeding, this is just the one we chose and it works for us.  We went with the jungle cover.

One night I was trying to get Shepherd to sleep and he was not having it.  As I was rocking him I downloaded this white noise app on my phone and it lulled him right to sleep.  I don't use this every night, just when he is having a hard time falling asleep.  He likes the fan noise, but it also has sounds like the ocean, wind chimes, rain, thunderstorm, and a few others.  (Isn't it cool that we have the ability to just download pretty much anything we need in seconds?)

Before I had Shepherd, this is definitely something I would have thought was a waste of money.  But these are so helpful when Shepherd drops his paci on the floor and there isn't a sink close by!

Shepherd wears footed p.j.'s to bed every night, and I think Walmart has some really cute ones!  He outgrows clothes so quickly that I don't want to spend a ton of money on something he is just going to sleep in for awhile.  I couldn't find it online, but in the store one sleeper is usually $5.50.

What can your baby not live without?

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  1. The sassy ring of links also is also wonderful for when they start playing "I throw it down, now you pick it up". Attatch said object to a length of the rings and attach the rings to their high chair, car seat, stroller, etc. make it long enough for you to be able to reach it but short enough that the tossing object doesn't hit the floor. Saves on cleaning and losing toys and your sanity trying to find/reach the thing. Eventually, he may like to pull it up himself!