3 years.

Last week Joey and I celebrated three years of marriage.

To celebrate we enjoyed a dinner where we both got to eat at the same time, thanks to my family being in town and willing babysitters.

My absolute favorite thing about our wedding, was that we wrote our own vows.  We still went through and recited the traditional vows with the preacher, but then read aloud vows we had written specifically for each other.
I'm not going to lie, leading up to the wedding, this was very stressful!  We didn't tell each other what we had, we wanted it to be a surprise on the wedding day.  I thought and prayed a lot about what I should write in mine.  I am so glad we did this, because I fairly frequently go back to mine and check myself, and know I promised these things in a church in front of God and everyone I know, so I better hold myself accountable!
Last year on Valentine's Day, we decided that these were important and should be displayed in our home.  We decided to write them out and frame them.  I LOVE having anything memorable handwritten.  Handwriting is so personal and meaningful. Not to sound morbid, but think about people you love who have passed and how special and nostalgic it is to see something in their handwriting.
I'm getting ahead of myself, but I think these handwritten vows that our children will grow up seeing in their home will be something our children will want and fight over ;)


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