5 months with my favorite boy

5 months.  I am just obsessed with this little boy!! I literally feel like some days I can see him growing.  Here is a look back at his 5th month.

Holding onto his favorite toy while he cat naps. 

Playing on his mat:

Daddy just thinks it is so funny when he puts his foot in his mouth!

Still a little small for this thing...we tried to stuff him in for a few minutes and his poor feet wouldn't touch.

Shepherd and I tried out being mall walkers one day since its getting too cold to walk outside.  But, I decided it wasn't fair for me to be annoyed with everyone for just browsing when I wanted to exercise so we nixed that idea.

Little boy sitting up in a big chair!

 Love this baby!
This month I'll remember as the month he did not sleep!  
But, I am happy to report this has gotten a LOT better!!  We transitioned him out of our room and into his crib and that made all the difference.  He is still waking up a 1-2 times a night but he usually nurses right back to sleep.   Knock on wood!!


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