my favorite thing about motherhood.

There are so many, so I don't know if I can even commit to saying this is my favorite...
But, I love how immediate the motherly instinct takes over.
When I was pregnant with Shepherd, I felt connected to him.
As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I went through what I'm sure is typical, and literally did not think of anything else for weeks.  I instantly felt connected with this little life I had never met.
But that pregnancy connection was nothing compared to the instant switch I felt as soon as I saw him.

As soon as I saw Shepherd and held him for the first time, I was different.  The #1 emotion I felt was "protective."  I didn't doubt myself at all, because even though I had never been around babies, what I felt with him was instinctual.  You know how whenever you hold someone else's baby you're a little nervous, like you're going to drop him or something?  Before I had him I thought it might be like that.
But it wasn't.  I just knew I was better equipped than anyone else in the world to take care of him.  Because he was mine.  God picked me to be his mom, and I felt so great about that.

Some other favorites:
When we are driving in the car so he hasn't seen me for awhile then we stop and I go back to get him and he just smiles and smiles like he is so happy to see me.

Watching him learn new things he can do.  Like touching his hand in the mirror.  Or putting his foot in his mouth.  Pure amazement.

When he wakes up from a nap and I can hear him in his crib just playing by himself.

His name.  Shepherd Nash.  I mean, really.

Little boy pajamas with feet and animals on the butt.  Is there anything cuter in this world?

Seeing my husband with him.  So sweet.



  1. Shepherd is soooo adorable and precious! And I really like the artwork above your bed!

    1. thanks! we painted them ourselves :)