trying to figure this crazy blog out.

I haven't posted in a few days because when I try to upload pictures, it tells me that I am at capacity for pictures!  It says I have used 1 GB of my Picasa web albums?  I didn't even know I had that. 
While I try to figure that out, I just wanted to say 
Happy Thanksgiving!!
This year I am thankful for how far my life has come in the past year since bringing Shepherd into our family.  He really does make every single day better and makes me a better person.

If anyone has any tips for this picture issue, pass them my way.  I have no idea when it comes to stuff like that!!!


  1. That happened to me too... I had to buy extra storage for like $5 a year...

    1. Thanks for the help! I'm sure I'll have to do that too...