when we won a free trip to graceland.

Back in February, the Opera House hosted the show Elvis Lives and was giving away a prize package.    They were giving away tickets to the show, as well as tickets to Graceland and a 2 night stay at the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis, so I decided to enter myself and Joey.  A few weeks later Joey got the call that he won!  I was so excited!  Joey always has good luck at stuff like that.

I absolutely love Elvis...I don't even know why!  I think I'm more fascinated everything.  Autobiographies are my favorite and after I read Priscilla's I was obsessed.
Here we are at the show in February...I was I believe 26 weeks pregnant!

Did you know that before Elvis died, the next show he had scheduled was in Lexington?  There were all of these sweet older ladies who had had tickets to that show and never got to see him.  It was sweet seeing how much they enjoyed the show!

We chose this past weekend to cash in on our trip to Graceland.  I can't believe I almost didn't let us go because I was worried about traveling so far with Shepherd.  He was an angel! It was one of my favorite weekends :)
My family drove and met us so they could watch Shepherd while Joey and I went on the tour.  They are wonderful!  
This was my THIRD time going to Graceland.  I don't even care.  I'm so glad Joey got to go with me :)
Here are some pics from our weekend:

Our babysitters during the tour:

 My sweet bebe hanging out with the King at the Heartbreak Hotel.

My husband was such a good sport.  I was embarrassing him making him wear the big dslr camera around his neck and taking pictures of me in every single room.  

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  1. My parents would have gone on their first date to an Elvis concert, but when my dad called my mom to invite her, she wasn't home. So he asked someone else. I always thought that was a good story!

  2. Thats crazy!! I bet your mom wishes she was home...or that your dad had tried again!

  3. I love Graceland! How awesome you all won a trip and your family came to babysit :) So sweet! Love your boots!!