8 months with my favorite boy!

This was a really fun month because Shepherd started crawling and telling us "hi" all the time!  He also started "solids" and we have fun seeing his reaction to new foods.  I kind of slacked with the picture taking this month...hardly any pictures from Christmas.  Joey had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas day...thankfully Christmas day it was just for a few hours.  For the past few years we've spent all of the holidays traveling, and while we love spending time with our families its not the most enjoyable situation to spend Christmas Eve driving 3 hours late at night, or trying to fit four different homes into Christmas day.  We spent a lot of time thinking about what we wanted out of the holidays.  Now that we have Shepherd and have started our own family, we made the decision to spend Christmas Eve just the three of us, and Christmas day we stayed home and invited anyone who wanted to, to come to our house.  
Christmas day my family made the 3 hour drive to us and we opened gifts with them.  I had tons of appetizers out for us to snack on all day, and my mom helped me cook a big Christmas dinner for everyone.  Joey's family came up later in the day and we all ate Christmas dinner together.  
That was Joey's request...to have a big meal.  However, next year I will rethink that because I don't know if I am up to spending all day slaving over the stove ;)
Shepherd loved opening gifts and of course was more interested in the wrapping than anything.

Shepherd started crawling two days after Christmas.  It was so funny... he was not quite army crawling, he wasn't moving his legs just kind of pulling himself across the floor moving his arms.  That lasted for 2 days and then he learned how to use his legs to move too.  Still not belly off the floor yet.

I didn't realize how often we say "hi" to him and wave.  One morning I went into his room to get him and he smiled and made a little grunt that I'm assuming was his way of saying "hi" and started waving. Now every time we say "hi" he waves enthusiastically.  The sweetest thing ever.  Its the best knowing he is really trying to communicate with us.  This month I noticed more him trying to "talk" to us rather than just babble.  Its like he's looking at us waiting for a response then he goes on.  

We started solids this month.  His first food was green beans.  I waited until this month to start solids based on what I researched from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) & World Health Organization (WHO).  If you know me you know I do research about everything!
Shepherd really liked all of the foods he's had so far...except carrots!  He was so funny he kept spitting them back out.  We waited a few weeks and tried again and the second time was much better.  Who knows??

One more lovely detail of this month...first can I say home much things change once you become a mom??  I have talked more about pooping this month than I ever have in my life.  Shepherd had gone about a week without pooping.  He has never been and "everyday" or even "every other day" pooper, but a week was out of the ordinary.  I wasn't worried at first because he wasn't acting upset or anything, but the longer he went I could tell his belly was hurting, so we went to the doctor.  Can I just say I spent $100 getting this child to poop!  Between the doctor and then what I had to buy at the grocery, it added up.  I also gave him a suppository which I was very proud of myself for doing that.  It wasn't a big deal at all I just thought it was going to be.  Anyways, we are now doing a lot better in that department ;)  AAANNNNDDD I've officially crossed over into the TMI category so I'll just end on that note!!
Green beans!

Playing in the mirror while I tried on clothes at the mall.  This was before he started crawling...this would not work now!
First bite of carrots, yuck!

 Christmas day

 First time seeing it snow...I think he was impressed.

We also celebrated my 27th birthday this month!


  1. The picture of Joey holding him in the bathroom and Shep reaching his hands out to the camera is the cutest one EVER!

  2. Ohhh, what a sweet family! xoxo