For documentation sake I want to share some of our Christmas pics we took including our Christmas card and Shepherd's first time meeting Santa!

I was very proud of myself for actually ordering and mailing out Christmas cards this year, I'm reeeeally bad at actually doing stuff like that.  But that little face was too cute to not make into a card!
And Shepherd's first trip to see Santa!  I mean, you have to do this, right?  He was an angel, of course.



  1. The pictures with the Christmas Tree in the background are so cute! The ones I took turned out kind of blurry. What camera/lens did you use? My little guy is going to be 7 months on January 26, so a little behind yours I think so it's been fun following along with your updates.

    1. OH gosh! I have a Canon Rebel t3...whatever lens it came with!! I am thinking about taking a class to learn how to use it because all I know how to do is point and click!! Thanks for commenting ;)

  2. Shepherd makes the cutest Christmas card you've ever seen!! I loved having it on my mantel!