what will my baby look like? UPDATE

Back when I was pregnant, I wrote this post, wondering what Shepherd was going to look like.

I mean, look at us:
Joey clearly has more dominant features (he has Cherokee Indian blood), and everyone assumed I had no chance.

But just for fun, I found a few websites that let me upload both of our pictures to show us our baby.
Some were scary.  And when I got blonde and blue results, I thought "yeah right!"

Well now I'm asking, "HOW DID THEY KNOW??!"

Pretty weird, right?
If anyone wants to check out the websites I used and see your own future baby,
they can be found

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the hands that made the stars.

Isn't this a great thing to think about??
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9 months with my favorite boy

My beautiful beautiful boy!!
He loves reading his postcards from Auntie Lace!

Walk, before and after.  I just love that little serious face.
Love those little legs sticking out.  And I should learn my lesson and not watch him sleep because it usually wakes him up.  He's just too precious!

I love this little picture, holding onto his duck.  I texted this pic to Joey while he was in Seattle for work and he just about had to board a plane right then he missed us so much.

 This month we started belly off the floor crawling.

Why do I think this is precious?

Daddy finally came home after a loooong week away and we were so happy!

Just look at that JOY. Melts my heart.

So much growing this month!!
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I've talked about how much I believe in the power of prayer.  The book The Power of a Praying Parent changed my life.  I wanted to share two things that happened that I immediately knew in my heart were answered prayers!
If you know me, you know how much of a safety freak and on the extreme end of cautious I am.  One of the things I worry about is Shepherd getting hurt, so I pray about it.   I know that I can try to always be aware and take precautions, but every parent has those stories of times their kids have hurt themselves.  If you even bring up to my dad this time my sister fell off a table, he gets teary eyed and leaves the room.
I pray and ask God to help me be as aware as possible and keep Shepherd from harm.  But since I know I am human and won't always be on my game, and because I can't be with him at all times, I ask him that in those instances to intervene and keep Shepherd safe.  
Well I have seen that prayer answered twice now.  Too many times for my liking, but near-accidents gave me an awareness to take precaution in the future and Shepherd was fine both times.

First time, this was a few weeks ago, Shepherd was crawling, but just learning.  He was sitting in the living room, and very content so I went in the kitchen to grab a napkin.  I was gone for 2 seconds and I hear a crash.  I ran into the living room and see Shepherd literally laying in a pile of glass.  He had seen an opportunity to get my drink and gone for it!  For a split second I froze.  I wasn't sure what to do.  I grabbed him and took him to the bathroom where there is better lighting and looked him over.  I literally had to pry shards of glass out of his clenched fists.  There was glass all over the floor.  Somehow he didn't have one cut.  I mean, that should not have happened.  He should have cut himself. I'm not exaggerating when I say laying in a pile of glass.  I know my prayers for protection were answered that day, and now I don't just leave glasses in the floor.  (Duh!!)

Second time:  Yesterday Shepherd was sitting in his high chair and I was cleaning the kitchen.  His high chair is on loan from my sister-in-law and it is missing the little seatbelt.  I debated on buying a new high chair, but figured its not like he was going to slide out and the tray was not going to fall off so why spend money when I have a perfectly good high chair.  Well, today again, I hear a crash.  I don't think I had the tray properly attached and Shepherd was bouncing back and forth in the chair and the tray flew off.  It flew off because he was leaning forward.  He should have fallen out.  No question about it! But he didn't.  And I don't know why, other than that prayer works and I have a loving Heavenly Father.  God stepped in when I needed it.  And I immediately got online and found replacement parts for the missing straps and ordered them!

"If we are praying, something is happening, whether you can see it or not."
-The Power of a Praying Parent

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just a beautiful baby

I have had lots of people tell me, "what a beautiful boy."  So they can tell he is a boy, but he really is just beautiful!!  Just give me a spoon, I could EAT HIM UP.

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growing like a weed

One of my favorite things ever in life is seeing Shepherd figure something out.  I can just see his little brain working so hard, trying to grasp something new, and he is so smart.  It usually takes him about 2 days to perfect one of his new skills.  Army crawling...practiced for 2 days and had it down.  Sippy cup...started out chewing on it and after 2 days he was a pro.  When he figured out he could crawl up on his knees, I knew it would just be a couple of days until it was perfected, too.  This has just been one of those weeks, where I feel like I can see him growing.  Even his hair seems longer.  Along with belly off the floor crawling, this week he also has been practicing feeding himself finger foods.  He has started pulling up on things, which makes me nervous!  He is getting more independent and better at entertaining himself.  Today he turned his play mat upside down so that it formed a little tent and that entertained him forever.  Who doesn't love a good tent, though?

I'm also going to go ahead and say his official first word is "mama."  I've prompted him to say it every single day, pretty much since his birth and all of my hard work seems to finally be paying off.  He has picked up the "ma-ma" and I know its from me saying it so often, but I'm still waiting for him to "address" me!  Music to my ears!

All of this new-ness is bittersweet because Joey was out of town all week and felt like he missed so much.  He was so ready to get back home to us, but his time in Seattle was a great experience for him.
I couldn't wait for him to get home, I went and bought all of his favorite foods and cooked him a pot roast for dinner.  Cooking for my husband makes me happy.

This was really sad...Shepherd is usually so happy and he had been a little fussy today and yesterday.  I thought he just was over tired.  When Joey was giving him a bath tonight, he yelled for me to come in there.  He was holding Shepherd up and two of his poor little toes were bright red.  Somehow one of my hairs had wrapped around his toes and were cutting off his circulation!  I had to get scissors it was so tight!  I don't know how long it had been like that!  That is exactly why I'm not letting Joey leave us again ;)

Here are some pictures of this wonder week.
 ^^^ Feeding himself
^^^ Waiting for the bath to fill up
^^^ New food: greek yogurt

^^^ you would think I torture him.  He just started sticking his legs out and its the cutest thing!
 ^^^ First time sitting in the cart at Target...still a little small.  He could lay down!
 ^^^ Theres that fun tent!
 ^^^ Daddys home!
^^^ My mini-me
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goodbye army crawl

 This weekend Shepherd officially started crawling on his hands and knees.  He had started doing the army crawl after Christmas and I'm a little sad to see it go.  Its just the cutest thing seeing him drag himself so quickly across the room!  Joey was out of town this weekend for a bachelor party so he was sad to miss seeing it as it happened.

It snowed this weekend but when I took Shepherd outside to see it he was more interested in watching the pups!

Since Joey was out of town my mom came to stay with me and keep us company. We were stuck inside because of the snow on Saturday, but Sunday we got dressed and went shopping and picked up lunch.

 We loved having Gigi visit!  
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