9 months with my favorite boy

My beautiful beautiful boy!!
He loves reading his postcards from Auntie Lace!

Walk, before and after.  I just love that little serious face.
Love those little legs sticking out.  And I should learn my lesson and not watch him sleep because it usually wakes him up.  He's just too precious!

I love this little picture, holding onto his duck.  I texted this pic to Joey while he was in Seattle for work and he just about had to board a plane right then he missed us so much.

 This month we started belly off the floor crawling.

Why do I think this is precious?

Daddy finally came home after a loooong week away and we were so happy!

Just look at that JOY. Melts my heart.

So much growing this month!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, you are blessed indeed :)
    Shauna {www.shaunawyrick.com}