goodbye army crawl

 This weekend Shepherd officially started crawling on his hands and knees.  He had started doing the army crawl after Christmas and I'm a little sad to see it go.  Its just the cutest thing seeing him drag himself so quickly across the room!  Joey was out of town this weekend for a bachelor party so he was sad to miss seeing it as it happened.

It snowed this weekend but when I took Shepherd outside to see it he was more interested in watching the pups!

Since Joey was out of town my mom came to stay with me and keep us company. We were stuck inside because of the snow on Saturday, but Sunday we got dressed and went shopping and picked up lunch.

 We loved having Gigi visit!  


  1. Ohhh, I love Shepherd's little snow hat! So cute:)

    And Gigi's are the best! We just live 5 minutes down the road from my parents, thank goodness! Is your mom far?

    1. my fam is 3 hours away and my husband's is about 45 minutes! I wish my mom was right down the street! Would make it so easier to just run to the grocery :)