growing like a weed

One of my favorite things ever in life is seeing Shepherd figure something out.  I can just see his little brain working so hard, trying to grasp something new, and he is so smart.  It usually takes him about 2 days to perfect one of his new skills.  Army crawling...practiced for 2 days and had it down.  Sippy cup...started out chewing on it and after 2 days he was a pro.  When he figured out he could crawl up on his knees, I knew it would just be a couple of days until it was perfected, too.  This has just been one of those weeks, where I feel like I can see him growing.  Even his hair seems longer.  Along with belly off the floor crawling, this week he also has been practicing feeding himself finger foods.  He has started pulling up on things, which makes me nervous!  He is getting more independent and better at entertaining himself.  Today he turned his play mat upside down so that it formed a little tent and that entertained him forever.  Who doesn't love a good tent, though?

I'm also going to go ahead and say his official first word is "mama."  I've prompted him to say it every single day, pretty much since his birth and all of my hard work seems to finally be paying off.  He has picked up the "ma-ma" and I know its from me saying it so often, but I'm still waiting for him to "address" me!  Music to my ears!

All of this new-ness is bittersweet because Joey was out of town all week and felt like he missed so much.  He was so ready to get back home to us, but his time in Seattle was a great experience for him.
I couldn't wait for him to get home, I went and bought all of his favorite foods and cooked him a pot roast for dinner.  Cooking for my husband makes me happy.

This was really sad...Shepherd is usually so happy and he had been a little fussy today and yesterday.  I thought he just was over tired.  When Joey was giving him a bath tonight, he yelled for me to come in there.  He was holding Shepherd up and two of his poor little toes were bright red.  Somehow one of my hairs had wrapped around his toes and were cutting off his circulation!  I had to get scissors it was so tight!  I don't know how long it had been like that!  That is exactly why I'm not letting Joey leave us again ;)

Here are some pictures of this wonder week.
 ^^^ Feeding himself
^^^ Waiting for the bath to fill up
^^^ New food: greek yogurt

^^^ you would think I torture him.  He just started sticking his legs out and its the cutest thing!
 ^^^ First time sitting in the cart at Target...still a little small.  He could lay down!
 ^^^ Theres that fun tent!
 ^^^ Daddys home!
^^^ My mini-me


  1. He is so cute! I love the crib imprisonment pic ;)

    How old was he when he started army crawling?

    1. Thanks! He was right at 7.5 months!