I've talked about how much I believe in the power of prayer.  The book The Power of a Praying Parent changed my life.  I wanted to share two things that happened that I immediately knew in my heart were answered prayers!
If you know me, you know how much of a safety freak and on the extreme end of cautious I am.  One of the things I worry about is Shepherd getting hurt, so I pray about it.   I know that I can try to always be aware and take precautions, but every parent has those stories of times their kids have hurt themselves.  If you even bring up to my dad this time my sister fell off a table, he gets teary eyed and leaves the room.
I pray and ask God to help me be as aware as possible and keep Shepherd from harm.  But since I know I am human and won't always be on my game, and because I can't be with him at all times, I ask him that in those instances to intervene and keep Shepherd safe.  
Well I have seen that prayer answered twice now.  Too many times for my liking, but near-accidents gave me an awareness to take precaution in the future and Shepherd was fine both times.

First time, this was a few weeks ago, Shepherd was crawling, but just learning.  He was sitting in the living room, and very content so I went in the kitchen to grab a napkin.  I was gone for 2 seconds and I hear a crash.  I ran into the living room and see Shepherd literally laying in a pile of glass.  He had seen an opportunity to get my drink and gone for it!  For a split second I froze.  I wasn't sure what to do.  I grabbed him and took him to the bathroom where there is better lighting and looked him over.  I literally had to pry shards of glass out of his clenched fists.  There was glass all over the floor.  Somehow he didn't have one cut.  I mean, that should not have happened.  He should have cut himself. I'm not exaggerating when I say laying in a pile of glass.  I know my prayers for protection were answered that day, and now I don't just leave glasses in the floor.  (Duh!!)

Second time:  Yesterday Shepherd was sitting in his high chair and I was cleaning the kitchen.  His high chair is on loan from my sister-in-law and it is missing the little seatbelt.  I debated on buying a new high chair, but figured its not like he was going to slide out and the tray was not going to fall off so why spend money when I have a perfectly good high chair.  Well, today again, I hear a crash.  I don't think I had the tray properly attached and Shepherd was bouncing back and forth in the chair and the tray flew off.  It flew off because he was leaning forward.  He should have fallen out.  No question about it! But he didn't.  And I don't know why, other than that prayer works and I have a loving Heavenly Father.  God stepped in when I needed it.  And I immediately got online and found replacement parts for the missing straps and ordered them!

"If we are praying, something is happening, whether you can see it or not."
-The Power of a Praying Parent



  1. Thank you for this encouraging post! I have a seven month old and feel like I cannot pray over her enough. It is so scary to think of all the things that can happen to them. I am going to pick up the book you recommended!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Very encouraging :) One of my favorite things from the book was to incorporate scripture into your prayers. I don't know why I had never really thought of that before! I also get a lot of comfort from Matthew 7:11. Your little girl is precious :)