We've been doing a lot of "spring cleaning" around here...more like lots of home updating and little upgrades that make a big difference.  I can't wait to share!
We have an older home and all of the trim work in our house was a dingy off whiteish color.  But it stayed that way because who in the world wants to paint the doorways, closets, windows, baseboard, corner round and doors of an entire house?  Definitely not us and we assumed paying anyone would be way too expensive.  Well Joey randomly got in a conversation with someone he works with and she mentioned that her husband is a professional painter.  He asked her to get a quote for us, just wondering how much it would cost.  He gave us a quote we couldn't pass up and happened to have that weekend open.  Thankfully we had pretty weather because we packed Shep up everyday and headed out to stay away from paint fumes.  It was such a nice little family weekend. 
Lexington was hosting a Antique and Garden show that our friend was working, so we went to see him and check that out.  We also spent a lot of time outside and going on long walks.  Here are a few pictures.

Didn't realize until time to walk out the door that we were all matching dorks in our black and white cardigans.

We are so happy with our new bright white trim.  It makes the biggest difference and makes our house feel crisp and new!

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