little happies

Being that the name of this blog is "happy girls are the prettiest girls" I thought I would start sharing a few of the random things each week that make me happy.

First up, this pic represents my new kitchen!  I'm sitting on the floor in our kitchen Friday night as my husband decided he wanted to paint.  Last weekend he ripped up the old dirty linoleum we have been hating living with for 3 years and installed new tile.  I'll share before and after pics when its all done.  Which better be soon or I won't be happy because my kitchen is a mess.
Also makes me happy my husband is a handy MAN!

Oooh oooh this makes me very happy.  My favorite spot in the mall parking lot.  What is safer than parking next to the "reserved for sheriff" spot.  Who would mess with me! Plus it gives me plenty of room for my stroller.  Shep was happy about this too, as you can see in that little angel face.

Speaking of angel face, this is the very anti climatic result of giving him a lemon.  But what makes me happy is that we successfully went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and Shep let us both finish our meals without insisting to be held.  He was too busy flirting with every female in the restaurant to care about old mom and dad.

Finally, this was taken as I waited to be taken back for my massage today.  Had myself a little spa day, woohoo!
(Side note: Am I being picky in thinking that a 60 minute massage does not mean 52 minutes?  And then her noticing I looked at the clock so trying to make up for those precious 8 minutes by talking to me about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  Although, girl let me tell you, I can TALK about some BH drama.)

Ok pretties have a lovely week!

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