reason #5732 why my child is a genius.

Shepherd LOVES to read.  The only time he sits still is when he is looking at books or being read to.  
For awhile now he has been clapping whenever we say "Yay!"  It is so sweet.
I've been trying to teach him how to also clap when we say "clap."  In one of his favorite books, there is a page that says "Llama Llama clap clap clap."
I always clap on that page and wait for him to do it, but I always have to say "yay!!" before he will clap.
Well, yesterday Shepherd was sitting in the floor reading a book.  I was just sitting in the rocker watching him.  He was holding it correctly and looking at each page before flipping to the next.  When he got to the clap clap clap page in his Llama Llama book, he put down the book and started clapping!!

And that is the story of how Shepherd started reading at 10 months ;)

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