Side by Side

A few weeks ago our church had a sermon series about marriage.  One thing our pastor said married couples should do is have side by side activities that you enjoy to do together.  If you don't have something like that, pick something your spouse is interested in, and learn to like it too!
I thought I'd share some things my husband and I like to do "side by side."
Nothing fancy, just some things we both like to do, so enjoy together!

1. Going on long walks.  
We love walking!  I could walk for days.  In the warm weather we usually go on a walk every day.  We like walking to new neighborhoods and checking out all the houses, getting ideas and seeing what we like.  We always play a little game called "Rate the House" (actually we've never named it, I just made that up.)  We rate each house on a scale of 1-10.  Then at the end of the street we pick the best and worst house.  

2. Texas Roadhouse

 Joey will only ever let us eat 2 places, so luckily I like both of them. (The other is Cheddars).  But we love us some Texas Roadhouse! We order the same thing every time and it is delicious every time.  Joey gets a 6 oz steak with a baked potato and salad with Ranch and sweet tea.  I get a grilled chicken salad with Honey mustard and water.  If we are in the mood for an appetizer we get fried pickles.

3. Redecorating/rearranging/redoing our house.
We always have a project going.  Right now it is the kitchen.  This is probably the biggest thing we like to do together.  Joey does all of the heavy lifting, but we always decide what its going to look like together.  We also like going out and looking for things when we want to change up a room.  We are both very frugal and like to find the best deals.
Here are some examples: here, here and here.

4. Our tv shows

Please tell me we aren't the only couple who most nights just watch tv all night?  We have a few shows we like to watch together.
First of all, our favorite, Parenthood.
We were actually a little late to jump on the Parenthood bandwagon, and spent a few magical weeks catching up on every episode right after the other.  Oh those were good days ;)  But seriously. That show.
We like Modern Family, True Blood, X Factor, Hart of Dixie and Happy Endings.
We also faithfully watch Wheel of Fortune every night and wait with anticipation hoping our Spin ID is called and we will win $5k.  One of my life goals is for Joey to go on Wheel of Fortune.

I'm still waiting on Joey to teach me to play tennis...that is one of his hobbies that I would like to learn how to do.  But I do try and go watch him play as often as possible.
See: 2007, the last time we played tennis

So none of these "hobbies" (can you consider Wheel of Fortune a hobby?) are that exciting, but just a few examples of things we like to do together!  

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  1. We love Modern Family and I looove Hart of Dixie!! :)