Before and After: Our Kitchen!

When we first moved into our home back on 2009, this is what the kitchen looked like.  Except in this picture we had already replaced the cabinet hardware, from the original cheap gold circles. 
The original stove, awful creaky faucet, yellow backsplash, and old linoleum that could never really get clean...especially with two dogs whose only way to the backyard is through the kitchen.
Ever since we moved in we've been taking on little projects as we could, and we are finally FINISHED!
Here is our before:
And after:
Very proud to say that except for the new countertops, this kitchen was completely remodeled by my husband, with help from one of our friends.  Painted cabinets, new appliances installed, navy painted walls, new faucet and sink, new tile floor...very thankful for a handy husband!
^^^ Soon, I'll show you guys the dining room peeking out up there.  We decided it needed a makeover, too. ^^^
^^^ Sugar, get it?! ^^^
And here we are at night, showing off the under cabinet lighting:

We are just about finished with all of the big projects we had in mind when moving into this somewhat of a fixer-upper.  It is always so exciting marking something off the list!

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at the races.

Sunday we decided to take Shepherd out to Keeneland for his first time.  We packed a picnic and met up with our friends Lindsay and Matt, and their son Eli, who was born just 3 weeks before Shepherd.  
The weather was perfect and it was fun to get Eli and Shep together.  Eli is Shep's only buddy who is right at the same age.  They had fun together!
 ^^^ Eli's face cracks me up here!! ^^^

^^^ Best friends ^^^

 ^^^ After tailgating for a bit we packed up and headed to the race track.  Lindsay and I were trailing behind in our heels and paparazzi tendencies.  ^^^
^^^ My blue eyed boy ^^^

^^^ He was worn out ^^^
 ^^^ Placed our bets ^^^

^^^ Our horse was only about...oh 30 feet behind all the others ;) ^^^

A very nice way to spend our Sunday! 

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11 months with my favorite boy!

This has been a fun month with Shepherd Nash.  He is learning so much, so quickly and everyday is different.  I still feel like he is brand new, even though he is almost a year old.  Yesterday Joey said this has been the quickest year of his life and I agree.  Makes me sad, but thankful I get to enjoy every day with him, and I do!!
Shepherd does all of these things on command: Clap his hands, wiggle his fingers, show his belly, give you a kiss, and stick out his tongue (Joey's favorite).  
He has learned how to sign "more" and uses it mostly when he is eating.  Speaking of eating, we have yet to find something he doesn't like.  I try to make as much of his food as I can, and what I don't know how to make I buy!  He really likes frozen avocado.  He is still breastfeeding and usually 3 "meals" of baby food a day. 
Even though I tried to discourage it for a few weeks, he is now climbing the stairs and he is quick! 
He loves all music and starts dancing whenever he hears it.  He really likes Wagon Wheel, we have been listening to the new Darius Rucker version.  We also listen to the classical music station during the day and he likes to dance to the "Jammin" station that plays reggae music. 
Still no signs of teething.  Joey didn't get his first tooth until he was a year old, and it looks like Shep will be the same way.  
He is sleeping pretty well.  Usually waking up around 12am and 5am, with bedtime at 7:30pm.  But I read somewhere that breastfed babies sometimes can wake up just to "reconnect" with their mother, so I don't mind :)  
Can't believe just one more month until he is a whole year old!
Love this baby!! 

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last text

Has anyone read this article on Yahoo today?  You can see it here.
The parents of a college student who died in a car crash shared this picture of the text he was in the middle of writing when he swerved off the road.  
I am definitely guilty of this.  Seeing his text broke my heart!  Its just not worth it!  
All to say "see ya soon"?
I'm done with texting and driving!
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last week iphone photo dump

This past week was Spring Break, so my mom, sister and grandma all came to visit for a few days.

^^^my wild haired little man^^^

Whenever my mom comes to town I make a list of all the menial little tasks I need to accomplish but have no motivation to do on my own.  Then my mom makes me do them!  This week that list included:
^^^cleaning out my closet and moving in spring clothes^^^
(got rid of 3 garbage bags full of clothes! felt good to purge)
getting the oil changed in my car
steam cleaning the oven
going to the post office to return an online order
going to the bank
shopping for a rug to go in the kitchen
shopping for some new clothes to replace the 3 bags I got rid of 
going to AT+T to get my phone fixed, which ended up with a trip to Apple

^^^loving those books^^^
 ^^^ jealous of my sister's glasses ^^^
^^^ These pictures crack me up.  We went to dinner with Joey's little brother, Casey, on Thursday night.  Shep was playing with Joey's wallet.  What a little man. "I've got this one guys." ^^^

^^^ This picture also cracks me up.  All of the Lawhorns are tan skin, dark hair...except me and my baby! ^^^

^^^ in case anyone was wondering what postpartum hair regrowth looks like in the morning....ugh ^^^

^^^ HOW am I already getting mail like this?  Wasn't he born just about yesterday?  Tear. ^^^

^^^ Joey was working on something in the yard and I brought Shep in because it was getting cold.  He crawled back to the front door and cried, sweet thing! ^^^

^^^ This was exciting for about 3 minutes until I looked up our Wheel of Fortune spin IDs and confirmed that we did not win. ^^^
^^^ Friday the weather was just perfect so we headed over to go on a walk with Shep's best friend and his mommy (mine!) Shep was in need of a nap. ^^^
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