11 months with my favorite boy!

This has been a fun month with Shepherd Nash.  He is learning so much, so quickly and everyday is different.  I still feel like he is brand new, even though he is almost a year old.  Yesterday Joey said this has been the quickest year of his life and I agree.  Makes me sad, but thankful I get to enjoy every day with him, and I do!!
Shepherd does all of these things on command: Clap his hands, wiggle his fingers, show his belly, give you a kiss, and stick out his tongue (Joey's favorite).  
He has learned how to sign "more" and uses it mostly when he is eating.  Speaking of eating, we have yet to find something he doesn't like.  I try to make as much of his food as I can, and what I don't know how to make I buy!  He really likes frozen avocado.  He is still breastfeeding and usually 3 "meals" of baby food a day. 
Even though I tried to discourage it for a few weeks, he is now climbing the stairs and he is quick! 
He loves all music and starts dancing whenever he hears it.  He really likes Wagon Wheel, we have been listening to the new Darius Rucker version.  We also listen to the classical music station during the day and he likes to dance to the "Jammin" station that plays reggae music. 
Still no signs of teething.  Joey didn't get his first tooth until he was a year old, and it looks like Shep will be the same way.  
He is sleeping pretty well.  Usually waking up around 12am and 5am, with bedtime at 7:30pm.  But I read somewhere that breastfed babies sometimes can wake up just to "reconnect" with their mother, so I don't mind :)  
Can't believe just one more month until he is a whole year old!
Love this baby!! 


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