a wedding weekend.

We had a very full weekend.  Not only was it Easter, but two of our best friends got married this weekend, and Joey was a groomsman. Too much to fit it all in one post, so I'm going to break it up. Friday and Saturday nights were spent at the rehearsal dinner and wedding!  We are lucky because we have lots of babysitters and Shepherd got to spend some quality time with his Nana and Aunts!  Aunt Caity and her boyfriend, Josh, babysat on Friday night while we went to the rehearsal dinner. No pictures of them :(  Saturday night Nana and Aunt Courtney came up and Shepherd got to see his cousin Matthew.  Shepherd is obsessed with Matthew.  I told Court that his life was made when Matthew let him sit in his lap for this picture!  Hopefully they will all agree to babysit again in the future because Shepherd was not fun to put to bed :(
 Nana of course brought up the best Easter presents!  Shepherd loves books and these are just his size.  There was a little book for each of the Disney movies so now he will know them.
And I am obsessed with this Tickle Monster gift.  It has a book all about the Tickle Monster and funny little gloves.  So fun!

 Meanwhile, Joey and I were at the rehearsal and dinner.  Behind the church there was the prettiest creek so Joey and I took some pictures.
Here we are at the dinner.  It was delicious, I had salmon and Joey had steak.  Sarah (the bride) is about the cutest person you'll ever meet and Joey's groomsman gift was so nice.  I wish I had a picture.  It was a bottle of Woodford, bourbon "rocks" that you freeze and use as ice so that it doesn't water down your bourbon, the tie he would wear in the ceremony, and a really nice leather knife with his initials on it!

 Saturday Joey got up early to spend some time with Shep because he would be gone all day.  He took this sweet picture of him just waking up.

I have been discouraging Shepherd from climbing the stairs for about 2 weeks.  I finally let him go for it and now he is going straight for those stairs every chance he gets.  Guess its time to buy another gate.  But he is just too cute making his way up them.

Here we are before the wedding:

Sarah looked beautiful and so did the whole wedding party.  All of the details were perfect, I wish I had taken more pictures.  My phone has been annoying lately making it hard to take pics, I think I'm going to get the 5 this week and upgrade.

After the wedding, with the future Mr. and Mrs. Hiles!  Loved hanging out with these two all weekend!

A couple of wedding details.  I wish I had taken pictures of her smores bar!  
Everyone was drinking out of mason jars, loved it!
 ^^^ Takes awhile to get a decent picture with this one ^^^

Such a fun wedding!


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  1. Beautiful bride, beautiful decor, and beautiful people! You all look great in your wedding attire and your little boy is simply adorable!