Before and After: Our Kitchen!

When we first moved into our home back on 2009, this is what the kitchen looked like.  Except in this picture we had already replaced the cabinet hardware, from the original cheap gold circles. 
The original stove, awful creaky faucet, yellow backsplash, and old linoleum that could never really get clean...especially with two dogs whose only way to the backyard is through the kitchen.
Ever since we moved in we've been taking on little projects as we could, and we are finally FINISHED!
Here is our before:
And after:
Very proud to say that except for the new countertops, this kitchen was completely remodeled by my husband, with help from one of our friends.  Painted cabinets, new appliances installed, navy painted walls, new faucet and sink, new tile floor...very thankful for a handy husband!
^^^ Soon, I'll show you guys the dining room peeking out up there.  We decided it needed a makeover, too. ^^^
^^^ Sugar, get it?! ^^^
And here we are at night, showing off the under cabinet lighting:

We are just about finished with all of the big projects we had in mind when moving into this somewhat of a fixer-upper.  It is always so exciting marking something off the list!